Best Buys for July

Do you know what you should be shopping for during the month of July? Certain items go on sale or deep discounts during this month. Take a look at what is available. It might be worth making your purchases now, rather than spending more for them later. And saving is, of course, always frugal. Here is a list of the best buys for July. Although many of us put off our crafts until the fall or winter when we are indoors more often and seem to have more time for them, July is actually the best time to stock up … Continue reading

Calendar of Strange Holidays and Other Events to Scrapbook In July

Imagine the strange and jazzy layouts you can make celebrating some of these wild, wacky and unusual holidays. These have been collected and compiled from various sources over the years of my teaching and we celebrated many of them in the classroom. Celebrate them with your children and family and create fun and wacky layouts! The Month of July Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days Bio-Terrorism/Disaster Education and Awareness Month Blueberries Month Cell Phone Courtesy Month Dog Days Family Reunion Month Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month Learn Arabic Month National Baked Bean Month National Bikini … Continue reading

Creative Celebrations: Home School Activities for July

Everyone knows that July 4th is American Independence Day, but did you know that the whole month of July is National Blueberry Month? Or that National Ice Cream Day is July 15th? It’s fun to add a little spice to your curriculum and daily routine by celebrating unusual events and holidays; and thus begins my Monthly Activity Calendar Blog. Peruse through to find interesting facts, unusual holidays to celebrate and even better: ideas, links and activities to go with these special days! July is National Blueberry Month!! Surely if blueberries get a whole month just to themselves they are worthy … Continue reading