Where Are Max and Ruby’s Parents?

“Is Ruby Max’s mommy?” asked my 5-year-old, as we watched yet another episode of the animated Nick Jr. series, “Max and Ruby.” “No, she’s his big sister,” I replied. “Then, where’s their parents?” she retorted. It’s a question that has launched a thousand ships… okay, the vessels may still be in port, but the subject has apparently bothered enough people that there are now multiple Facebook pages dedicated to answering the question every parent (who has ever had to sit through more than one episode of the preschool series) has asked themselves: “Where are Max and Ruby’s parents?” I’ve pondered … Continue reading

France Bans Baby Shows from Airwaves

French authorities are no longer allowing parents to use TVs as babysitters. If you live in France and you’ve gotten into the habit of plopping your baby in front of the TV so you can have a few minutes to get things done around the house you’re out of luck. France’s broadcast authority just announced that it plans to ban French channels from airing TV shows aimed at children under 3 years old. The reason: Experts say continuous exposure to TV decreases a child’s development. In a ruling posted yesterday France’s High Audiovisual Council said it wanted to “protect children … Continue reading

PBS Classic Returns

“Hey, you guyyyyys!” The Electric Company is returning to TV. If you were a devout fan of the 1970s PBS children’s classic like I was then you have not forgotten Rita Moreno’s attention grabbing show opening scream. The instant my brothers and I would hear: “Hey, you guyyyyys!” we would run to our spots in front of the TV. While there we would anxiously wait for Spider-Man’s cameo and laugh along with the pun-filled sketches. Man, I loved that show. Which is why I was thrilled to hear that the series is coming back to PBS next January. Show producers … Continue reading

Disney Channel.com, iTunes & More

Disney is more than just Mickey Mouse, though most of us associate it with Mickey and the gang or the animated feature films. Disney is also the parent company that owns the ABC Network and features shows such as Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and more. Disney, like many other networks are utilizing the Internet to extend their programming options. Their efforts have not gone unrewarded as their free, but ad-supported shows are featured on the Disney Channel Web site. News reports indicate there have been more than 37 million downloads and an average of 1 million visitors a day since they … Continue reading