Basic Emergency Supply Kit 3

Do you know what you need to have in your home to be prepared in the event of an emergency? If you want to help protect yourself and your family, having a basic emergency supply kit is essential. We have been talking about the various supplies that need to go into your kit. If you missed the first two articles in the series, click here to review them: Basic Emergency Supply Kit and Basic Emergency Supply Kit 2 Let’s continue with our supply list. Dust mask. A dusk mask will help filter out air that has been contaminated by dust, … Continue reading

Basic Emergency Supply Kit 2

This is the second article in the series about being prepared at home with a basic emergency supply kit. We talked about the government’s guidelines for water and food stockpiles, as well as how to store them, in preparation for an emergency. Now we will keep going with the other items that you should have at home to be prepared. Radios. Yes, that is plural. According to the U.S. government guidelines, each household should have two radios. The first should be a hand-cranked or battery operated radio, and the second should be a NOAA Weather Radio that includes a tone … Continue reading

Frugal Fun: Make A Snowman Kit

Everyone here in Pennsylvania is gearing up for a major snowstorm. It is predicted to sneak in sometime late tomorrow night and continue through Wednesday, closing school, causing delays and making havoc. Fortunately, I still have a good stockpile, so I won’t have to join the throngs of folks at the grocery store, buying up all of the eggs, milk and bread. The kids are looking forward to the snow, especially my oldest, Andrew. Lots of snow means a day off of school and the chance to build a snowman. And so, tomorrow I will be assembling a snowman kit. … Continue reading

Why Use a Kit?

Many scrapbookers are looking for faster and more creative ways to scrapbook. I suggest that using a pre-made scrapbooking kit can save you a lot of time and even some money. How does a kit save you time? Less time spent shopping. If you choose to scrapbook with a kit, usually everything you need is included. The contents of kits will vary, but most kits contain patterned paper, cardstock, ribbon, and fun embellishments. You won’t have to waste your time wandering through the aisles are your scrapbook store trying to find things that coordinate if you pick up a kit. … Continue reading

Make a Room Cleaning Kit

If we can find ways to make cleaning rooms more fun, we will likely get better results. Since most children would rather play (and make a mess) instead of cleaning up a mess, parents have to get creative. You and your child can put together a room cleaning kit that will make the chore a little more fun and a lot less stressful. Start by picking up a plastic caddy with a handle, the type that is generally used for cleaning supplies or tools. As you and your child decorate the caddy with stickers or paints (or anything you like), … Continue reading

Your First Aid Kit – Essential Items You Need

Every home should have a first aid kit to be prepared for minor and even major emergencies. As a parent, you know that cuts, scrapes and insect bites occur nearly everyday. Having one place where all of your medicine and supplies are ready when you need them can eliminate feeling overwhelmed and confused. You can buy prepackaged kits, but they are usually small and the supplies in them are quite limited. Making your own ensures that you have nearly anything you could possibly need in light of a minor or major emergency. Having all of these supplies ready when necessary … Continue reading