Spring Into Spring

Spring can spring any time now, as far as I am concerned. Like millions of other Americans enduring the most recent Arctic blast, I’m over winter. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do to control the weather.  However, rather than wallow in despair, I’m channeling my inner sun goddess and working on spring-themed scrapbooks. If you are looking for ways to keep warm this winter, spring ahead a bit and take advantage of sales on spring scrapbooking kits.  The seasonal collections typically hit the shelves in mid-January and feature colorful paper, plus a slew of coordinating embellishments, such as stickers, … Continue reading

Assembling a Basic Tool Kit

Every scrapbooker should have a basic tool kit where they store all the essential supplies that they need for a scrapbooking session. However, the types and brands of the items that fill the kit, will be different for every single scrapbooker. Here are what a typical basic tool kit contains and what to keep them in. First, you need to figure out what you want to put your items in. Many scrapbookers use a tackle box or utility box, however I prefer some type of clear container. This allows you to see inside so you know exactly what you have. … Continue reading

Changing An Album Kit (3)

Album kits are easy to change and that has been my focus the past few days. This article will wrap up the rest of the album and hopefully encourage you to get started on your own. Since I had planned out the album, all sixteen pages, before I got to work on it, the album was easy and fast to complete. Planning is key. It also allows you to figure out what you might need in advance and not order too many photographs. The next section of the album began a closer look at mom and dad with the kids. … Continue reading

Changing An Album Kit (1)

What is an album kit? An album kit is a kit that you purchase that come with everything you need to complete one entire album. It contains the album, papers, embellishments and usually contains an idea sheet. The only things you need to supply are your photographs and an adhesive. You might also need a cutter or straight edge scissors to crop your photographs. However, working with an album kit can be a challenge when you first look at it. Often the embellishments and the idea sheets are designed for a certain number of photographs per page, and perhaps you … Continue reading

Using An Album Kit

If you had told me before this Christmas, that I’d be using an album kit to complete something, I would have simply laughed. However, now I have tried it and I am totally hooked. At least for smaller albums and gift albums. I cannot possibly give up the creativity that goes into my everyday layouts. We have a grandma that lives in Montana, which is quite a distance from Missouri when you look at any map. She never gets to see the children, and as busy as we all are, we forget to send pictures out to her all the … Continue reading

Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (2)

Organizing your scrapbooking monthly kits from the various kit clubs is a challenge, and many scrapbookers struggle with the thought. In the earlier article, I explained why breaking up your kits and organizing them by supply, is not the most effective way to organize. Here are some examples of organizational methods that some scrapbookers use. If you have decided to keep the kits together, which is what I recommend, then you are faced with a whole new dilemma in organization. Where do you store them? How do you store them? Do you keep them in the box? Do you remove … Continue reading

Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (1)

Scrapbooking kit clubs are a wonderful addition to our hobby world, and they allow you a nice surprise in your mailbox every month. Most scrapbooker’s subscribe to kit clubs because it is nice to get kits that are assembled and designed to make scrapbooking easier and allow us maximum eye appeal in our albums. But those kits can add up, or rather pile up, especially if you subscribe to more than one company, or perhaps you just don’t find the time to scrapbook very frequently. So what are you supposed to do with all those kits and pizza boxes that … Continue reading

Fun Valentine Products

Creating scrapbook layouts about Valentine’s Day isn’t usually something that I have done in the past. For some reason, I haven’t taken pictures that day and therefore, I don’t have anything that I want t o scrapbook. But this year, there are so many fun Valentine products available, I’m going to make sure to have my camera ready on Valentine’s Day so that I will be able to use some of the fabulous products that are available. Here are a few of my favorite valentine line that have come out this year. Making Memories. They have added to their kraft … Continue reading

Small Emergency Kits for School and Work

What happens if there is an emergency and you cannot return to your home, but must immediately evacuate or report to a shelter? Your carefully prepared emergency kit will be at home and you will be wishing that you had access to it. This is the reason that I suggest that children have a small emergency kit that they take to school with them. I also recommend an emergency kit in each of your vehicles and a small kit that you keep in your desk at the office. If you plan carefully and combine these together you may have enough … Continue reading

Monthly Scrapbook Clubs Galore

Joining a monthly scrapbook kit club can be one of the easiest ways to try out new techniques, receive new products and get more scrapbooking done. There are so many monthly scrapbook clubs out there, it’s important to research them all and figure out which one works best for you. Most monthly kit clubs supply you with all the scrapbooking materials to create several layouts, although be careful, because some only have enough materials for one or two layouts. You need to be sure you check them out thoroughly. The cost for a monthly kit can be anywhere from $9.99/month … Continue reading