Terrible Teeth Tragedy

My daughter’s teeth are black and green. Fortunately, her hideous appearance comes courtesy of leftover Easter jelly beans that she playfully used as caps for her pearly whites. In Pennsylvania, the black and green teeth belonging to a couple of young kids are not the result of child’s play. Unlike my 6-year-old, the Bethlehem kids didn’t pierce jelly beans with their incisors as a joke; rather, police say their rotten teeth are the real deal and the direct result of negligent parents. Having black and green teeth is disturbing enough without becoming the center of a media storm that focuses … Continue reading

Cost Compare on Dental Care

Healthy teeth are important, and we often resign ourselves to having to pay whatever our dentist tells us to pay. But there are a few different ways to save on dental care without compromising the health of your teeth. Did you know, for example, that the cost of the same porcelain veneers can vary from dentist to dentist by thousands of dollars? Keep reading to find out how you can save money on dental care. Let’s start with the cost for dental procedures. All costs are not created equal. Just as when you buy a car or any major purchase, … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Dentist Visit

Sometimes we forget the everyday circumstances and events that surround our lives. A dentist visit is one of those very moments, that should be remembered. It’s a yearly part of childhood and for many, even more frequent than that and it should also continue on into adulthood. But why bother to commemorate your dentist visits at all? There is not necessarily a reason for scrapbooking your dentist visit. In fact, there isn’t a reason to scrapbook nearly any event, but since I love scrapbooking everyday occurrences, I think a dentist visit is just as important. I don’t scrapbook my dentist … Continue reading

Smile—It’s In Style

It’s being called the “ultimate style accessory.” Celebrities flash theirs to photographers all the time. Some Hollywood stars are even described as having “dazzling” and “mega-watt” ones. I’m talking about a bright, white smile–the perfect accessory to any outfit (and the best part–you never have to worry about whether it is the right fit.) But, what if your pearly whites are more of a dull yellow? Are you doomed to be unfashionable forever? Not if you are willing to invest some time, energy and money into teeth whitening. Before you roll your eyes, consider this: Next to hair care, teeth … Continue reading

Hawaii’s “Not So Famous” Military Memorials

On this last Monday of May, we (Americans) celebrate Memorial Day. A day set aside to honor those who have died for this nation while serving in combat. The state of Hawaii plays a unique role in honoring the countless brave men and women who died in the service of our country. It is home to famous war memorials (see my previous articles: Pearl Harbor and the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl) and to some not as well known, yet just as important. Visitors to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu familiar with the memorials at Pearl Harbor and … Continue reading

The Healthy Tooth Diet

Most parents understand that sugar = cavities and understand the importance of teeth brushing when it comes to good dental health. But did you know that some types of desserts are healthier for teeth than your child’s lunchtime sandwich? It’s true! Cavities in teeth are caused when cavity-causing bacteria are fed by sugars and create acid which erodes tooth enamel. The more often the bacteria is fed, the higher the likelihood of tooth decay. It is pretty difficult and unhealthy for the rest of the body to avoid all sugars. There are healthy sugars – such as those found in … Continue reading