Watch Out for Labels Like “Lazy” and “Spoiled”

I always cringe when I hear parents refer to their children with a blatantly negative label. Words like “lazy” and “spoiled” have such negative connotations and carry with them such baggage that it seems unfair to brand a child lazy or spoiled (or nasty or mean, etc.). Instead of labeling and complaining about a “lazy” child, why not look to the behaviors and see what can be done? The problem with labels (okay, there are many problems with labels) is that they can brandish a child in a negative way and make it tough for the child or the parent … Continue reading

Labeling Customers and Clients

I realized the other day that I have a tendency to “label” customers, clients, and vendors in my work and business—there are troublemakers, well-behaved ones, and colicky folks—just to share a few of my labels. I also realized that I have a tendency to label them pretty early on and expect them to stay true to form for the duration—not exactly the best way to go about things if I want to nurture relationships and cultivate contacts! I guess that I would NOT want to be labeled as a troublemaker or an idiot all because of one interaction. How could … Continue reading

Resisting Early Labels

As single parents, we are often all that stands between our children and the outside world—this goes for doctors, teachers, institutions, etc. While we are normally, or ideally all on the same side when it comes to doing what is best for our children, ultimately we parents have to be the strongest and most informed advocates. I am of the opinion that we live in such a label-happy world; it seems everyone is eager to assign labels to children (and adults) regarding whether they are ADHD, have learning disabilities, are gifted, or whatever. And all of this labeling is getting … Continue reading

Check Out

Making cards with leftover scrapbooking products is a common use for all of those scraps. But sometimes finding the time to make cards can be a little overwhelming. I’ve come across a fun company that makes a variety of products that you can customize and have delivered right to your door. is a site worth looking into if you need cards, announcements or invitations, but you know you are not going to have the time to make them yourself. Not only is this site a lot of fun to use, you will get results that reflect your personality. One … Continue reading

Too Many Address Labels? Here’s What To Do With Them

Do you have piles of those little address labels that companies send out to get you to donate money to their causes? I probably get two sets a week, and I have literally dozens and dozens of sheets of address labels. Of course I had to weed through them because many of them contained outdated information, as I have moved a couple of times. However, I have found some great uses for the little address labels, so they don’t go to waste. I hate throwing things away, so I have to find uses for even the free things I receive. … Continue reading

The Trouble with Labels

When dealing with people of any race, gender, religion, or disability, labeling is a touchy subject. In order to identify people we sometimes need to classify them. And how can government assistance be given to individuals without grouping them in some way? Yet nobody wants to be labeled. There are disadvantages to labeling a child as “Asperger’s Syndrome,” or “Pervasive Developmental Disorder,” or “Learning Disabled.” With those classifications, expectations are set-up. The person hearing the label now assumes that the child will behave a certain way. A teacher, for example, might treat a child differently, either babying her, or allowing … Continue reading