Obtaining the Records

In this modern age, too many people believe that whatever you see on the internet is true. This applies even in genealogy; I have heard many people state that they found their family tree online and so the work is done. No family tree appears automatically online; someone has placed it there through their own research. And while I’m fairly certain that those who put their trees online do so with the best of intentions, the fact is, mistakes are made. Many years ago, when I was getting started, a woman told me that she had found a genealogy book … Continue reading

Gaining Inspriation from Favorite Blogs

As scrapbookers, we are always looking for inspiration to keep us going. Not only are we looking for scrapbook inspiration, but also inspiration for life. I’m always looking for ideas and thoughts that keep me ticking and give me something to really think about. Today I would like to share a few of my favorite scrapbooking blogs from scrapbook artists who inspire me and fill me with not only great scrapbooking ideas, but ideas that can be applied to life. Stacy Julian – First of all, if you haven’t yet read her book, The Big Picture, you need to do … Continue reading

Kelo vs. New London Eminent Domain Evictions May Be Near

The homeowners in the New London Connecticut eminent domain case are down to the wire. Governor Jodi Rell proposed allowing the remaining homeowners to live in their homes, retain the deed, but give the tow the right of first refusal when they sell. This plan is not supported by the Mayor or City Council, and the Council will vote tonight on whether to begin evictions. 5 of 7 council members are against Rell’s plan. The case was started when nurse Susette Kelo refused to sell and became the lead plaintiff in a court battle that reached the United States Supreme … Continue reading