Toddler Art Layout

My son’s creativity has inspired me to design a new scrapbook layout using his art work. While I was working on a craft project, I gave my son some pieces of card stock, glitter glue, stickers and markers. I let him make his own creation while I worked across the table to finish my page design. I was very proud of my son’s creation. A few pieces of card stock glued together with blue glitter glue and decorated with markers. These are great little keepsakes. I have decided to use them in a two-page toddler art layout. I am using … Continue reading

Creating a Christmas Layout

It is the season of giving and making memories. We want to preserve our Christmas memories with photos in our scrapbooks. What is the best layout for our Christmas photos? Here are some ideas: A scrapbook is a way in which we can be creative and record memories on paper with photos, sentiments and embellishments. That said, take a look at Christmas decorations. I’m going to use the decorating theme I used in my home as the theme for my Christmas layout in my scrapbook. I used reindeer as the theme for my decorating. I have a collection of reindeer … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge – Ink It Up

Stamping ink is such a versatile embellishment. It can add color, mute color or simply distress something to make it look more aged or worn. Paint is the same way. It can be used in so many ways on your scrapbook layouts. Todays challenge is to get creative with stamping ink or some paint. Use a lot of it. Not just a little swipe or dab, nope LOTS and LOTS! There needs to be tons of color or if you don’t want a lot of color than just use one color a lot. It doesn’t matter what type of paint … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge – How Many Layouts?

In honor of National Scrapbooking Day, I thought today’s challenge would be a little different than the normal challenges. In addition, there are many websites and other venues that are offering a special list of challenges just for today. Today’s Challenge: So what is today’s challenge? How many layouts can you complete today? Most people take National Scrapbooking day and attend a crop, class or workshop designed specifically for the this special day. Being able to churn layout after layout out, has never been one of my strong points. However, today I am challenging myself to complete as many layouts … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge: A Love/Hate Relationship

Springtime is officially upon us and the birds are singing and even hatching and we were lucky enough to catch sight of some frog eggs that have been deposited into the pond at the barn. I love this time of year. Fall and Spring are my favorites and that hasn’t changed much in a lot of years. This week’s challenge deals with the things we love (and even the things we don’t love). You have all seen those favorites layouts that have been circulating for the past couple of years. Have you ever done one? If not, now is a … Continue reading

Creating a School Year Scrapbook

Education is our future. Our children are in school an enormous part of their young lives. Learning and growing right before our eyes, and if we blink, we will miss it. So how do you go about scrapbooking those important years? Create a school year scrapbook and add it to it each year. With five children, creating a school year scrapbook was an easy and necessary decision. We take so many photographs and attend so many events during the school year, there was just no possible way to include it all in our regular albums. At least not on individual … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge: Beyond the Favorites

This layout challenge really has me motivated this week. I have spent the past several months playing around a little in my scrapbooking. I am hoping that these ideas will get you motivated to try some new things too. Today’s Challenge: Your layout challenge for this week is to go beyond the traditional favorites list and look at specifics in your life. For instance, the question has been posed “What is your favorite thing to wear?” Go beyond the normal answer of perhaps “jeans and a t-shirt”, and showcase your favorite pair of shoes, your favorite t-shirt, your favorite hair … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge – Inspirations

What a beautiful weekend we are having here in the Midwest. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is warm and spring like, finally! All of these nice sights made me start thinking about what inspires me. Why not create a layout about your favorite things that inspire you to be a better person, inspire you to create, inspire you to do whatever it is you do. I am a nature nut, so I tend to get inspired by almost anything outdoors. I thought it would be great if I created a layout showing some of my … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge: Bad Habits

It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means? Time for another fun and creative scrapbook challenge. I have been busily making a great list of ideas for upcoming challenges so be sure and check in often. Also, remember that the scrapbook challenges often make great additions to an All About Me album, so start creating and save those layouts so that your family has an album all about you, just as you have so lovingly created an album all about them. I had a few ideas for today’s challenge, but after some careful thought and consideration and a few … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: Favorite Things in Fall

Fall is swirling all around me at this point. Leaves are changing, the air is crisper and and windier, and I am burning my pumpkin spice candles. So, my house is colder, decorated for fall and is filled with that beautiful Autumn scent. I absolutely love this time of year, more than any other season. Today’s Challenge: This week’s layout challenge is all about this wonderful season, and everything you love (or hate) about it. Perhaps it is the beauty of the season that you love. Or maybe it is the scents that are famous for this time of year. … Continue reading