Saturday Layout Challenge: Scrapbooking Makes Me Happy

Challenges can sometimes get us to create layouts and work on memories that we might not have done otherwise. It is my favorite part about doing challenges; the ability to think outside the box and get some scrapbooking done at the same time. Well, today I was sitting on the floor of my scrap area and going through old issues of my scrapbooking magazines. I came across a question in one of them that begged the question “What things in your scraproom make you happy?” “These are the exact kind of questions I like to use for my scrapbook journaling.”, … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: The Perils of Pet Ownership

In honor of our adorable new puppy (yes that is him to the left and below), I thought today’s Monday Layout Challenge should center around our adorable feline and Fido friends. If you have a bird or even a squirrel that you keep as a pet, they count too. Monday Layout Challenge Purpose: My hopes with the Monday Layout Challenges are that you get your pictures out of the boxes or out of your computers memory and onto the pages. It is my hope with these challenges that you will begin to focus more on the storytelling, the special relationships … Continue reading