Saying so Little, Learning so Much

My family had a fun day today. Part of our Easter celebration included meeting up with the boys’ grandparents at a playground for some outdoor fun before we went out to dinner. We all had a lot of fun, and while we were there I realized that we were all sharing the experience of Blake’s first “real” playground experience. It was by no means the first time he has been to a playground. In fact, we probably went to a playground two or three times a week from the time that he was about a month old until the time … Continue reading

Free Educational Opportunities

If one of your new years resolution is to improve your career or yourself, look into educational opportunities. If you know where to search, you find plenty of free or low cost classes, lectures and other educational opportunities. Check out the following opportunities. They may just change your life. If you are currently employed outside of the home, you should have access to a wide range of educational opportunities thanks to your boss. Most companies have some sort of employer reimbursement for education, whether it is one class or an entire degree. In order to quality, the educational opportunity usually … Continue reading

LDS Family Week in Review: April 29-May 5

This has been a fantastic week in the LDS blog. I’m still working on getting back up to speed in the Gospel Doctrine and EQ/RS Lesson categories following the arrival of our new little one, but was able to write some. We’ve also had some other fantastic blogs! Gospel Doctrine In The Rich Young Man, we talked about how the youth in the Sunday School lesson eagerly embraced Christ – until he found out what the Master required was his all. In Give As Ye Are Able, we reviewed ways the Lord expects us to give. And in The Root … Continue reading

The LDS Families Week In Review: January 21-27

It’s always nice to wrap up the week and summarize, especially if you’ve missed our blogs (I know you’d never do that)! As we start getting ready for Sunday, let’s take a look at what we’ve covered getting ready for our lessons. Sunday School We started off the week by examining the mission of John the Baptist in Prepare His Way and Making His Paths Straight. John helped prepare those he preached to for the mortal ministry of Christ. We took a look at how we can help prepare those around us for His second coming. In Unquenchable Fire, we … Continue reading

Read the Instructions!

Let me start this blog by saying I am both a nerd and a convert. Oh, yes, and a readaholic. When you add those three together, you get someone who did an amazing amount of research into the church both before and after joining. I’d like to take a great resource that you may have overlooked – your manuals. The church has provided an amazing number of resources throughout the year. My first calling in the church was as the ward librarian, and I was amazed at the number of books available. (I’m one of those people who has to … Continue reading

Family Pursuits of the Trivial Kind

Are you getting together with a large contingent of the family this holiday weekend? A bit worried about how to pass some of the time with Aunt Marge who likes to tell embarrassing stories about all the kids or with Granddad who can remind you of every transgression? Good – they’re perfect for the home made, home grown family trivial pursuit. Play a Game that Teaches What makes this game so great? Well, first and foremost – it’s based on you and your family. It’s a great way to let the older members of the family share their stories and … Continue reading

Take an Online Scrapbooking Class

Looking for a new way to gain scrapbook inspiration? Stacy Julian, editor of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, has teamed up with some talented ladies to bring online scrapbooking class to you at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Now you can improve your scrapbooking skills from the comfort of you own home and take the class at whatever time is convenient for you. There are currently six different classes being offered. All of the classes include tasks or assignment given to you via email. You are also given access to a class gallery were you and your “classmates” can share ideas. Stacey Julian is … Continue reading