Leaving Prints Company Profile and Interview pt. 2

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Leaving Prints Consultant, Casandra Farman. This is the rest of what she had to say about this terrific company. Nicole: How much does a start up kit cost? Casandra Farman: There is a $30 kit and a $90 kit. Nicole: Wow! Those are excellent kit prices. What do the start up kits include? Casandra Farman: The Basic Instructor Starter Kit contains all of the business items you need to get started on your business. You will get catalogs, order forms, invitations, brochures, hostess planners, and a full Instructor Training Manual. That’s the $30.00 … Continue reading

Leaving Prints Company Profile and Interview

Leaving Prints was created in 2002 under the direction of Bobby and Charlene Lawrence. It is located in Orem, Utah and has been steadily climbing the scrapbook product direct sales ladder ever since. Bobby and Charlene began their business venture after successfully launching and franchising several karate training schools. Bobby knew of Charlene’s passion for scrapbooking and taking his knowledge and experience with direct sales, they launched Leaving Prints. A quote from the Leaving Prints website: Bobby has worked directly with several large and successful direct sales companies and is a veteran of the industry having over 19 years experience. … Continue reading