How Breaking Your Budget is Bad for Your Health

Here is another reason to stay on your budget. Breaking it can actually be bad for your health. Agonizing about how you are going to afford a new purchase can stay with you, even after you solve the problem. Researchers now say that our brains don’t like being in debt. Having fears about money affect our health long term. Whether we realize it or not, debt causes stress, and stress causes poor health. Stress and pain seem to register much more strongly than does pleasure. So, the next time you feel ready to break your budget, keep this in mind. … Continue reading

Benefits of Living on One Income

In this time when it seems many couples seem almost to feel they cannot exist without two incomes, let me suggest a few benefits of being a one income family. Early on in our marriage we made the choice I would stay home while the children were young, because we thought it was important. Neither of us wanted to leave the raising of our children to others. Basically we thought it was vital to be able to spend time with them and teach them and shape their values and attitudes. Obviously the more time you spend with children the more … Continue reading