Where to Find Summer Reading Programs

One of the things that kids like best about summer vacation is that they get a long break from school. It is important to keep your child’s reading skills sharp over the summer. A fun way to do that is to get your child involved in a summer reading program. There are several to choose from. Your local library The first place to seek out a summer reading program is your local library. Ask the librarian in the children’s section if they are doing this type of program. If so, he or she can help you get your child involved. … Continue reading

How to Avoid Library Fees

Using the library can save your family quite a bit of money each year. In fact, if you are careful, you may be able to eliminate your entertainment budget completely. From books to movies to games, there is so much to borrow at your local library. Plus, you can also take advantage of free crafts, clubs, educational events and even music concerts. Unfortunately, the down side to using the library is the danger of having to deal with library fees, which can range from a few cents for a book that is overdue by one day to a large fee … Continue reading

Using the Library to Lower My Grocery Bill

We’ve been going to the library a lot lately. I think the fact that the weather is no longer snow and ice but not yet nice enough to stay outside long may have something to do with it. Either way, our library cards should really be sporting racing stripes. Today, rather than picking up the latest novel, I decided to browse the cookbooks and flip through the recipes. As you may know, one of my major goals this year is to keep the food budget under control, no more than $100 a week, with $80 being ideal. Since we don’t … Continue reading

Seven Things to Get at the Library for Free

If you haven’t visited your local library in a while, you might want to plan a visit sometime soon. The library is a very different place than it was just ten years ago, thanks in part to current technology. Plus, with the economy, there is a new need for additional services, all of which most community libraries are trying to provide. They are doing a very good job of it, too. So get that library card out (or sign up for one) and start saving. Here are seven things that you can get at the library for free. • Free … Continue reading

Seven Ways to Enjoy Movies on a Budget

In a tight budget, entertainment is usually one of the first line items to go, or at least to be reduced drastically. One of the favorite ways that most of us entertain ourselves is through television or movies. Here are seven ways that you can enjoy movies, even when you are on a budget. 1. Free Rentals. Redbox, the movie rental machine that is available at many grocery stores and drug stores offers movie (and game) rentals for $1 or $2 a night. This is inexpensive in itself, however, the company also offers Redbox coupon codes that can be used … Continue reading

Library Time

Generally I’m going to be the one to tell you to go online to find anything you need. I’ll generally tell you to use the latest digital tool to get that new task done. I’m the one who doesn’t want a phone call but an e-mail, a digital file instead of a print out, and in general the newer instead of the older. This can sometimes get me in trouble with people who don’t do things like I do. With the proliferation of computer use it is getting easier though. Now, when doing research it’s important to leave no stone … Continue reading

Eliminate Movie Check Out Fees

You’ve heard me say it before: the library is a great source of movies. But many libraries are now charging a check-out fee, as high as $1 a day. I have some tips for getting those movie checkouts for free, despite the fees. With the money you save, you could always make a direct donation to the library and then claim it on your taxes. If your local library charges for movie check outs, try the following tips. Check to find out if there are exemptions. Some libraries only charge for current hit movies that are in demand. If this … Continue reading

I Dream of Bookcases

I’ve always had a special relationship with books, for at least as long as I can remember. My very first books, The Poky Little Puppy and a set of children’s encyclopedias were treasured as no other toys were. Through the years, I also dreamed of having my own built-in bookcases. Through the years, I have had many substitutes for these imagined bookcases. First there was the headboard on my twin bed at home which held library books and a row of paperbacks I got for free through the library’s Reading is Fundamental program. Later, in college, there were a series … Continue reading

Bringing Baby to the Library: The Children’s Room

The library can be a rewarding experience for both you and your baby. If you missed the earlier article about this topic, just click here: Bringing Baby to the Library. Now let’s take a look at the children’s room at the library, including what you should look for before making an extended visit. The children’s room is very important, since you will be spending a lot of time in it. You want to find one that is bright, clean and isolated a bit from the rest of the library so you and your baby will be free to explore without … Continue reading

Bringing Baby to the Library

You might be surprised to know that libraries generally welcome babies. A visit to the library with your baby can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can introduce the importance of books to your little one, provide an opportunity for socialization, and let’s face it, if you stay home with your baby, the opportunity to get out of the house. Here are some highlights of a visit to the library with a baby, as well as some special tips. I started bringing my babies to the library at a very young ages, but with a busy life, I have … Continue reading