Working From Home Can Fit Any Lifestyle

When you work from home, you have the power to figure out exactly how and when to fit your work into your day. For a stay – at – home parent, the amount of flexibility that working from home provides can make the difference between being able to bring in a little bit of income to help with personal or family expenses and not being able to work at all. Of course, since the parenting part of a stay – at – home parent’s day is constantly evolving and changing based upon the needs of the children, it is important … Continue reading

Lifestyle Replacing Diet Plans?

You might be surprised to learn that less and less people (especially women) are dieting.  At first, this might sound like a bad thing.  After all, isn’t obesity a significant problem in the United States?  Shouldn’t more people be dieting? Well there are a couple of issues to consider.  The first is that many women are starting to embrace and accept their bodies.  Not that they don’t want to make healthy changes.  But there is less concern about being stick-thin. Others truly don’t see having too much weight as being unattractive. There are a couple of ways to look at … Continue reading

How Much Do You Incorporate Your Pets Into Your Lifestyle?

A while back in another article I asked how much your pets influence different aspects of your lifestyle, from work to home life. But now I’m wondering about how much you incorporate your pets into your lifestyle. I got to thinking about it when I came across a cartoon in a Woman’s World magazine. These two ladies were standing in front of a refrigerator in what was supposed to be one of their kitchens. Pinned to the refrigerator was artwork of paw prints. The one lady’s saying to the other, “No, we don’t have kids. That’s our dog’s art work.” … Continue reading

LDS Week in Review June 23rd-28th

Welcome to our Week in Review. If you’ve been busy and haven’t had the chance to join us daily here in LDS, here’s your chance to get caught up. We started out the week with a humorous look at what blogging can do to you in “You Know You’re a Blogger When. . .” Yes, there are definitely signs that you’re hooked! We then had an interview with J. Adams, author of “The Journey,” a fantasy novel written for young women to help them understand their own value and the importance of the choices they make in this life and … Continue reading

Ways to Avoid Stress: Lifestyle Changes

Making changes to your lifestyle can help lower your stress level. Starting with basic good health is a good idea. If your body is in good condition to begin with, it may be able to cope with stress better — or in a more healthy way. Eat a balanced diet — fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to fight stress and other health issues. Get moderate exercise at least three times per week — the more the better. Get enough sleep — your body recovers from the day’s stress while you sleep. Balance work, family needs, personal needs, … Continue reading

Mix Things Up

I wrote earlier today about how making changes to one’s environment can be an important healing step for a single parent. As I was writing about different ways that sort of environmental change can make a difference in our being able to move forward, I started thinking about how shaking things up in general can be a really great thing… It is amazing how slight shifts in routine and expectations can make such a big difference. Many of us experience this reality negatively when we discover that being 15 minutes late in getting out of bed in the morning can … Continue reading

Why Live Frugally?

A question that often comes up is why should anyone live so frugally? This is usually followed up by, “Don’t you have a life?” Once and a while someone might say, “I could never live like that. I’d rather work than wash out baggies.” Those questions are important, even the abrasive one about baggies. They prove that many people don’t really understand a frugal lifestyle. I live frugally, and yes, I do have a life; a very good one. I do work for an income, although it is only part time. I seldom wash out baggies because, well I don’t … Continue reading

Finding a Business to Match Your Lifestyle

In recent days, I have written about how important it can be to match family life with a home business—exploring ways of evaluating whether your family is supportive of your business and whether your home business fits into your family life. As I was writing these and chatting with a few others, I realized that lifestyle is an important consideration overall for anyone wanting to start a home based business. We have to be willing to look at how we like to work, the sort of home life we have, and other lifestyle realities in order to find a business … Continue reading

When Your Mate Doesn’t Match Your Dreams Continued

One of my last articles proposed a question to my readers. It also gave a scenario. The scenario described a situation where the person that you fall in love with does not match the ideal life that you had imagined. In some cases we cannot control whom we fall in love with. We only discover the major differences after the feelings already exist. After that the only thing left to do is to decide if the relationship is worth sacrificing your plans for the future. There are many things in life that we preplan and have preformed ideas about. Those … Continue reading

When the Person of Your Dreams Does Not Match Your Dreams

In our quest for happiness in life many of us look for that perfect person in which to spend the rest of our lives. We typically have some idea of what that person acts like, feels like, and even looks like. In some cases we may be greatly surprised to find our gift in a different package. In other cases we find exactly what we had in mind. In addition to knowing what type of person we are looking for, we also know what type of things we want out of life. Most people usually have some sort of outline … Continue reading