Mid-Day Lighting

If you’ve played with lighting before in your photography, you know that time of day is one way to control the temperature of your lighting. There’s something soft and flattering about the later light of the day right before dusk. It’s golden, which is really a great way to capture your subjects. The middle of the day is typically the worst time of the day to take photos. The light is harsh, creating hard shadows, squinty eyes, and light photos. If your camera is on auto mode, you may not have the control you want under these conditions. But you … Continue reading

Saving Energy on Lighting

In my household, I am the light keeper. That is, I go around the entire house on a regular basis shutting off all of the unused lights, especially the ones my husband leaves on. I’m hoping that shutting off lights will become a habit for my family, but so far that just isn’t happening. Turning off unused lights is one way to save energy costs, of course, but there are several other strategies that you can use to reduce the carbon emissions caused by your lightening use. Here are some ideas. Ask yourself if you really need that light. In … Continue reading

4 Landscape Lighting Types

Outside lighting is one of the newest trends in curb appeal of a home. Once used for safety and security, landscape lighting now also serves to enhance your home. If you are ready to take on some landscape lightening, you’ll want to know all about the four most popular lighting types. Here they are. Tier Lighting Tier lighting usually contains multiple levels or pyramid shapes. Think of a small post that has a small hanging lantern from it. Tier lighting casts light over small areas and can be used for narrow paths and level walkways. They are usually available as … Continue reading

HDTV Settings and Room Lighting

With the new high definition television (HDTV) sets, you can get amazing picture quality! You will feel as though you are in the movie theater at home or perhaps even in the middle of the movie itself, and the picture quality gets closer and closer to reality. Unfortunately, you can also get eye strain, garish colors and more if your setting and room lighting aren’t correct. In fact, I would bet that most HDTV users haven’t considered some of the basic things that should be done before watching your HDTV. Let’s first take a look at lighting. Most people turn … Continue reading

Tips to Remember When Shooting Indoors

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when shooting indoors is lighting. In your initial assessment of a room consider whether you will be using available natural light or your flash. Ideally you want to flood the room with as much natural light as possible. If the room has multiple windows open them to allow the natural light in. In the best-case scenario you will be able to fill the room with enough light so that you don’t have to use your flash. By eliminating the flash you’ll find your shots will not have those annoying orange … Continue reading

Warmth and Security of Home

Do you remember that old television prompt: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?” It was a public service announcement before we even ever heard of public service announcements. It was a way of reminding parents that it was late and their children should be home. I have been thinking about this lately, how home is a place of security and family and warmth. But I wonder if we are traveling away from that with our current homes. There is a reason that there is something magical about a seeing the warm glow of lights through a … Continue reading

Tips for Taking Great eBay Photos—LIGHTING

You’ve got the right camera, you invested in a tripod and you have learned a few tricks regarding focusing, now it’s time to shoot those items you want to sell on eBay, right? Not so fast. There are a few more tips you want to keep in mind prior to pointing and shooting. In this blog we’ll discuss how proper lighting will help you achieve prize-winning photos that will attract more potential buyers to your auction item. Avoiding Hot Spots. If you are shooting in direct sunlight or illuminating your auction item directly under an unfiltered bulb you run the … Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting Lessons

Many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. (Yeah, try telling that to the bride who’s planning an outdoor wedding.) It drizzled on my wedding day and I have to admit I was concerned the weather would have a negative effect on my wedding pictures, which we planned to take at a local park. I was fortunate to have a very calm and astute wedding photographer who put my mind at ease by assuring me that cloudy days yield some of the nicest shots. Honestly, I thought he was just trying to make … Continue reading

Frugal Seashell Decorative Lighting Idea

My name is Nicole and I have an obsession with seashells. I really am addicted, and the bigger ones are always my favorites. However, I also adore those tiny little ones that you can barely see, so perfectly formed. I have hundreds in craft containers in my basement of all shapes, types and sizes. Our bedroom has a very sea-like theme and I am always on the lookout for new ideas. This one was the most fun. I was staring at my seashell containers one day, and decided I really need to do something with some of them. I began … Continue reading