Keeping Your Photos Safe: The Scientific Side

The scientific side of keeping your photographs safe goes far beyond just keeping your photos away from water, dirt, high temperatures and making sure not to leave fingerprints and scratches. Although those are important, there are some more scientific things to be aware of. Most scrapbookers have heard the word acidic and the words lignin free. Perhaps you’ve even heard of buffered. But what does all this mean to a scrapbooker and how do you take proper precautions to make sure that the supplies you are using won’t damage your photographs? The first rule is always to look for supplies … Continue reading

Keeping Your Photos Safe: Fingerprints and Scratches

Fingerprints can quickly diminish the quality of your photographs. And although a fingerprint can be avoided or wiped away, a scratch is permanent and it is a costly situation to have repaired by a professional. These are two additional ways that your photos can be damaged and two situations that need to be addressed. When handling your photographs, you should hold the edges. Some experts recommend wearing a special type of glove, but I have found that unnecessary. As long as when holding photographs, you attempt to hold the edges, you should be alright. You can place your photos in … Continue reading

The True Definition of Preserving Your Memories

The definition of preserve is: pre•serve (pr-zûrv) v. pre•served, pre•serv•ing, pre•serves v. tr. 1. To maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm; protect. 2. To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; maintain unchanged. 3. To keep or maintain intact: tried to preserve family harmony. But do you ever wonder how that applies to scrapbooking and truly preserving your precious memories for a lifetime? Some scrapbookers aren’t as interested in the longevity of their pages and layouts. But most really are. They want those memories to last well after their gone so that future generations may enjoy and learn … Continue reading