The Benefits of Lists

Housekeeping is about more than just the best household products and tips on how to better clean a room. Housekeeping is about keeping your house in order and what better way to do that than finding an organizational system that works for you. I am amazed at the majority of people who push their carts through grocery stores, wandering aimlessly and grabbing whatever they think they need. Rarely do I see someone with a list. Sometimes I feel a little odd, with my list and pen in hand. But at the same time I feel a sense of triumph in … Continue reading

Dealing With Jealousy – part 3

Over the last two days we’ve looked at reasons for jealousy. A third reason people are often jealous of others is because of what they have. If you are jealous of others because of what they own, then I suggest you need to make a list – not necessarily of what you own but of all the blessings God has given you. You will soon see how much you have to be thankful for. I’m a great one for lists and the making of lists which identify blessings God has given me is one I have found particularly helpful. What … Continue reading

Dealing with Jealousy – part 1

Yesterday we looked at examples of jealousy in the Bible and the destructive situations jealousy can cause. We only have to look around us on any given day to see jealousy at work in our world, between siblings and family members, work colleagues, neighbors, film and TV stars, sportspeople, the list goes on. We might even struggle with jealousy in our lives. Where does jealousy stem from? It often stems from our own insecurities and lack of self confidence or fear. What is jealousy? According to Webster, the word jealous means “resentful and envious, as of someone’s success, achievements, advantages…” … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Stockpile Food

Among frugal living people, there is sometimes the debate about stockpiling food. Critics of stockpiling food point out that the money used on stockpiled food could be put in a bank to earn interest instead of invested in food that might go stale or bad. They may say that with a general income that keeps pace with inflation, there is no sense in stockpiling. Or they say that the stockpile takes up too much room in the home, costing you livable space. All those reasons may be valid, but I still have to say that I am pro stockpiling. Recent … Continue reading

Why It’s Important To Make a List of Qualities You Want in a Husband

In a previous article, one reader (Jade “The Muse” Walker) left the following comment: Years ago, I wrote a list of all the qualities and characteristics I wanted “the one” to possess. It had the usual items: intelligent, romantic, ambitious, independent, honest, faithful, funny, etc. But I forgot one that is vital to a lasting relationship. Understanding. If you plan to spend your life with someone, I highly recommend finding a partner who has this quality in spades. I also encourage everyone to develop it as well. As usual, Jade’s observations were not only astute but timely. It meshes well … Continue reading

About to Retire?

If you are very close to retirement, the struggles in the economy may worry you. When your retirement occurs at the same time as a market lull or bear market, there are some standard “rules” to follow. Most people these days are living longer. Therefore, when you do retire, you will need to ensure you have enough income to sustain your standard of living for 30 plus years. This can be tricky to accomplish if the market is on a downtrend. Many financial experts recommend that you withdrawal no more than four percent of your total portfolio as an initial … Continue reading

Stress and Money

Stress and money go hand in hand. We stress about money, no matter how much we have. Moreover, when we don’t have enough, our money causes us further stress. It is almost a never-ending cycle. Still, it is a cycle I dare you to break. Stress deteriorates our quality of life and our health. The more you stress, the worse you will feel. Feeling bad and poor health will certainly cost you extra money. Once again, here is another cycle leading to disaster. Don’t let the stress associated with money overtake you. Find ways to make money easier to manage … Continue reading

Groceries: Making a List and Checking it Twice

Sounds like a popular children’s Christmas carol doesn’t it? But making a grocery list is a serious budget keeper and money saver! Not to mention there is some truth in the “checking it twice” area. Let me teach you how to save a little money on your food, especially with the drastic rising costs. Grocery lists can be written on anything. A napkin, a scrap of paper or you can actually use those cute little pads of paper that say ‘grocery list’ at the top that you can find at popular stationary stores and other locations. Don’t spend your money … Continue reading

3 Fantastic Kitchen Tips

Often I am asked for tips in the kitchen, and seeing that it is one of my favorite rooms in the house (other than my scrap room), I love to share tips for saving money in the kitchen. While I have dozens of other tips that might not save money but would be fun to do, these do save money. 1. Cookbooks Save your money and do not purchase these wallet drainers. Most cookbooks are beautiful, colorful and filled with delectable recipes. Except for our family, we don’t make even half of the recipes in the book. It is much … Continue reading

Trimming Interest Rates

Boy does everyone get excited when the Federal Reserve starts to trim the short-term interest rates. In our debt ridden society, it is no surprise this news feels like money in the pocket to many. Still, there is a negative side most don’t immediately think of. When interest rates drop, it affects both the borrowing and the saving rates. Therefore, while your debt may get cheaper, your ability to increase your savings will get harder. Finding a savings account that will pay you more than 2.5 percent currently is difficult. At 2.5 percent, it is impossible to get ahead as … Continue reading