Taking Care of the Little Things

It’s amazing how important the little things are in a marriage. Yesterday Mick and I were playing a set of tennis together. We were playing against good two players. Throughout he kept encouraging me with, ‘nice shot’ or ‘good pick up,’ and similar comments. Meanwhile I kept encouraging him as well ‘great serve.’ ‘Well done,’ etc. The result was we both played exceptionally well. That’s the difference a bit of encouragement makes on the court and in marriage. It helps you be better than you really are. Sadly, into his second set his Achilles tendon started to play up as … Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Argumentative Sore Spots

Do you have an argumentative sore spot in your marriage? You might even have more than one. So often in marriage we can think of the big issues like money, change, work, or family issues, as being the things we tend to keep on top of and try not to argue about. We might be really careful to discuss these issues and then find wham! It’s the little side issues that trip us up and cause to argue. I know for example, and Mick would agree, that we’ve never had problems talking about and coming to reasonable and logical decisions … Continue reading

Dealing with Irritations and Problems in Marriage

How important are the little things in marriage? They are very important. It is often the little things which when ignored can become monumental problems in marriage. The other day we were listening to 60s song on the local community radio station. And Mick made the comment it’s often the little things that end up over time being the straw that breaks the camel ‘back. The little things about that their spouse does that start to drive a husband or wife crazy. So of course, I asked whether there were things I do that annoy him. The two he mentioned … Continue reading

A Different Approach to Valentine’s Day

‘Valentine’s Day is every day, or it should be.’ That’s what my darling husband said when I told him the title of my yesterday’s blog. You see, he agrees with me in thinking Valentines Day is overrated. He also believes, as I do, there’s no point making a big fuss over your spouse on that one day of the year if you’re not going to keep it up every day of every year. Okay, so you may not be able to afford gifts every day of the year, (and neither should you have to) but you can still show by … Continue reading

Kids Notice How we React to the Little Things

How I wish that I could be gauged on how I rise to the big occasion; how cool and calm I am in a time of crisis—unfortunately, my kids don’t always remember how I saved the day in those rare amazing times, it is my everyday personality—the way I cope (or don’t) and react (or don’t) to those ordinary details upon which life is built. Our children are always watching and they will forgive us blundering up some of the big things if we are true and steady in the very day… I know that there are some parents who … Continue reading

Journaling: Remembering the Little Things

While we often remember to journal about our experiences, holidays and special events in our lives, sometimes we forget the little things. It’s important to take time out of our busy lives and schedules to smell the flowers, or to take notice in the little things around us. Sometimes it can be as simple as a certain look your child gives you, all the way to what a day to day schedule is like for them. But do you remember the last time your child had a cold? What did they do? What special things do you do when your … Continue reading