Mom Murders Teens for Being “Mouthy”

Tragic and unbelievable. Those are the words that immediately came to my mind upon hearing about the Florida mom who admitted to murdering her 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. Have you heard about this case? It’s all over the cable news networks. According to CNN, on the evening of January 27th, Julie Powers Schenecker allegedly shot and killed her two children for “talking back.” Police say the 50-year-old wife of a U.S. Army colonel admitted to them that she shot her son twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol while she drove him to soccer practice in suburban … Continue reading

Is this the Hospital or the Hilton?

On a recent trip to visit a friend in the hospital after she had her baby, I noticed that her room had a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. I had a TV in my hospital room, but it wasn’t that nice! I began to wonder what kind of accommodations might be available at the hospitals in larger, wealthier cities. As I started looking at different birthing centers and hospitals in cities like New York City, I realized my hunch was spot on. Some centers offer amenities like concierge service, leather couches, wooden floors, spa tubs and giant flat … Continue reading

Getting Beyond Survival

I wrote earlier today about the basics of starting over—just a little refresher course for those of us who are going through transitions or in need of a boost as we work to rebuild our lives. Of course, single parents are not the only ones who need a crash course in starting over, but it is definitely part of our life path! In the midst of getting things going again, you might find that you get very good at just surviving—holding things together and struggling along at sustenance level. At some point, however, it becomes time to take a leap … Continue reading

Luxury Laundry: Built-in Washer and Dryer

(Photo from Forget built-in refrigerators that hide behind kitchen cabinet doors and seamlessly blend in to the room. We have all seen them. For something truly innovative, why not install built in laundry facilities, namely an integrated washer and a dryer? You can have your laundry in the kitchen, the bathroom, the family room, the walk-in closet (or anywhere) for convenience without compromising space or style. The integrated washer and dryer are available from ASKO (, known for their dishwashers, as well as “laundry care services.” The washer and or dryer can be fitted with a customer-supplied wood panel, … Continue reading

The Color of Your Sheets Can Save You Money

In a previous article about saving on luxury bedding, I talked about how you can get amazing sheets that make you feel indulged. Now, I want to share a secret that I have learned in my years of taking care of a household; the color of your sheets can actually save you money. Don’t believe me? Here is how I do it. The biggest way that I save money on sheets is to buy them in one color: white. White sheets save us money in so many ways. The first way is by being far more long lasting than other … Continue reading

Save Money on Luxury sheets

Being frugal doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the good life. Indulgent sheets are one way to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The good news is that with a little advice, you can enjoy great bedding while still being on a budget. I was first introduced to the world of amazingly soft sheets on a weekend stay at a lovely little bed and breakfast in Newport, RI. Everything about the bed was amazing, from its four poster design to its piles of warm, downy comforters. But the sheets, of course, were the most memorable. This was in the days before the … Continue reading

Luxury Travel–Sweet Suites

How much are you willing to pay for world-class accommodations in a tropical paradise? If you have about $10,000 to spare then you might want to consider staying at Maui’s Wailea Beach Villas. The elite oceanfront property set amidst an 11-acre tropical garden opened a few weeks ago and is looking for discriminating travelers to cater to. In fact, to celebrate its grand opening, the resort is offering bonuses to visitors who book reservations by July 31, 2006 for visits prior to December 15, 2006. Guests who reserve a two-bedroom penthouse or a three-bedroom villa will receive a complimentary evening … Continue reading