Marie Claire Magazine

If you mothers out there can keep the little ones busy this summer why not treat yourself to a one year subscription to Marie Claire magazine? Marie Claire is a women’s magazine which highlights such things as fashion, beauty, hair, makeovers, giveaways, contests, games, articles and more. Want to find out the latest scoop on working women doing dangerous jobs or taking a time-out with the boss? You will find out about which cities to stay clear of when you are seeking companionship, dating and relationship issues and fitness, as well as numerous other interesting tidbits in the world. Marie … Continue reading

Fitness Magazine/Fitness Website Review

Fitness magazine is one of the top-selling fitness magazines. One of my favorite magazines it has all kinds of good information in it for anyone wanting to stay in shape. Topics include subject areas, such as weight loss, health, recipes that are good for you, beauty and working out. It is a good read and I have picked up so many tips on staying fit. I cannot say as one section of the magazine was better than the other, as they are all fantastic and helpful for those wanting to shed some extra pounds. A one-year subscription is reasonable and … Continue reading

Scrapbook Trends Magazine – The Details

This is one unique scrapbooking magazine put out by Northridge Media and has quickly become a popular choice for many scrapbookers. The entire Northridge Media group of magazines has gained an immense following in the past year within the scrapbooking and paper crafts industry. There are now four magazines – Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Cards and Bead Trends. Scrapbooking Trends is an amazing, full color magazine on high quality thick magazine paper and honestly pulls its image off as more of an idea book even though it is published monthly. This is the same circumstances surrounding Cards and Paper Trends … Continue reading

The End of LIFE

I’m likely showing my age by disclosing the fact that many of my grade school teachers made reading Life magazine a required part of our classroom curriculum. I used to spend a lot of time studying the magazine’s large glossy pictures. And, I’d venture to guess that even if we are not the same age, you have likely paged through a copy of the magazine yourself in an office lobby or in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. I think it’s safe to say the magazine is an institution, which is why I was saddened to hear that Life’s … Continue reading

Creating Keepsakes 2007 Top 10 Issue

I love making lists. It is very satisfying to make a list and see everything that needs to be done all in one place. Maybe that is why I really enjoyed reading Creating Keepsakes Top 10 Issue that recently came out. They cover 9 topics and include a list of their top 10 ideas for that topic. This issue is part of the regular Creating Keepsakes subscription, but if you are not a subscriber, you can pick up your own copy at your favorite scrapbook,craft store or online at Creating Keepsakes. I think this issue has a great balance of … Continue reading

Free Subscription to Popular Photography

Scrapbooking is my hobby and my money pit. I’m becoming better at it, in part because I’ve been reading the tips in the Photography blog and am shooting better pictures. Better photos make for better pages. People who take their photography seriously are constant students of the art. They take a lot of photos, attend classes and workshops, read, and study on their own. Raw talent only takes you so far. If you are one of those with a good eye, but still needing to hone your talent, a subscription to one of the photography magazines is a good idea. … Continue reading

Free NRA Membership for Active Duty Military

The National Rifle Association exists to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” To that end, they offer a lot of educational programs for people of all ages. They have a stringent safety course, and a youth program that is first class. Since 1871, the NRA has fought to maintain the right to keep and bear arms, and to improve the accuracy and safety awareness of the gun-owning public. With millions of members and steady growth, they will continue to do so. Education is their primary goal. I heartily recommend their Eddie the Eagle safety program for children … Continue reading

Family Fun: The Magazine

I’ve seen all kinds of websites, but I didn’t know there was a print magazine called Family Fun, until I saw it in my dentist’s waiting room yesterday. I had to smile despite the hideous pain from my toothache. I decided to look it up today. They offer all kinds of ideas from parties, crafts, printables, games, and of course, you can subscribe to the magazine via the Family Fun website as well. One of the cute things I saw in the print version was a section with fun food ideas. Well, making it fun is the best way to … Continue reading

Free Baby Magazines

When my first child was born, I spent hours pouring over baby magazines while he played happily next to me. Sometimes he would even “read” the magazine with me, looking at the photos of babies and deciding which pages were worthy of tearing to shreds in his glee. The magazines were very valuable to me for their advice. The stories from parents who were going through the same things I was, as a new mom, were comforting and sometimes hysterically funny. I remember sitting on the floor in the baby’s room with my magazines, the morning sun streaming in, and … Continue reading

Where Are They Now—-Vivica Fox

She may have gotten the boot to soon on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but that’s not stopping Vivica A. Fox from high stepping it to her next television project. According to PEOPLE magazine the actress’ dance card is full. Her next stint includes an appearance on TV’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” That’s in addition to producing two independent movies – and working as a journalist. “I have a magazine called Jolie, which is a fashion magazine which stands for ‘live pretty,’” Fox recently told PEOPLE. “I’m editor at large, which basically means my responsibility is that I interview whoever is … Continue reading