Trash to Treasure

With Earth Day right around the corner, now is a good time to give items a second look before you toss them in the trash.  Could that empty plastic milk container be transformed into a pretty vase?  What about Junior’s ripped shirt?  Before you dump it, remove the buttons and repurpose them.  Buttons make great accents on scrapbook layouts and work wonders on craft projects. Just last week one of my favorite magnets broke.  It was a ceramic   Humuhumunukunukuapua’a—the state fish of Hawaii.  I got it the last time we were visiting my parents.  Unfortunately, the fish’s body shattered and … Continue reading

Ask the Blogger: Magnets and Computers

I recently received the following question from a reader. “I want to dispose of my computer, but I am worried that someone might be able to find my personal information on the computer if I donate it or throw it out. I heard that sticking a magnet on the hard drive will erase any data. Is this true?” Dear Reader, While it is true that magnets can be used to erase a hard drive, just any old household magnet won’t do the job. The only magnets that are powerful enough for such a task as usually found in laboratories or … Continue reading

Make Your Own Chip Clips or Note Holders

Are you always looking for a chip clip, a jumbo paper clip, or another magnet to secure something to the fridge? If so, you’ll like these ideas. They are quick and easy and your kids will have a good time decorating and personalizing clips for every need. Items You will Need: Wooden clothespins (spring loaded “clip” style) Craft paint Paintbrush Glue Beads or other accessories Stencils Permanent marker Magnets Instructions: Cover your work surface with newspaper, wax paper, or plastic grocery bags (wax paper is really good when using glue). Lay out the clothespins and begin painting them. You can … Continue reading

New Scrapbooking Products: Basic Grey

It is always fun for me to see what new items companies come out with for us to use on our scrapbooks. Since I really do spend a lot of time scrapbooking, I end up using up a lot of supplies. So I am always on the lookout for something new to replenish to my stash of goodies. Of course Basic Grey did not disappoint with their newest releases at CHA. Here is the information of their newest products. Patterned Paper Basic Grey has always inspired me with their interesting and fresh designs of patterned paper. They have 2 new … Continue reading

Fishing Fun

This craft project will show you how to make a game that is fun anytime but also works great for birthday parties. Items Needed: Disposable foam plates (try to find different colors) Magnetic stripping Magnet Scissors Craft glue Dowel rods Yarn or string Paint Markers or paint pens Craft foam Tub with water (optional) Directions: First, paint the dowel rods if desired, so your “fishing poles” have a chance to dry. Making a different color for each child is a good idea. When dry, tie yarn or string tightly to one end. Two to three foot long pieces of string … Continue reading

Cute Refrigerator Magnets

You and your children will have fun making these cute refrigerator magnets. They are great for hanging up other masterpieces made by your little artists. Flower Magnets If you liked the Craft Your Own Pool Toys and Bath Toys projects, you might like this one as well. Have your child cut out a flower shape from felt or construction paper. Glue a soda bottle cap (paint it first if desired) to each cutout. Attach a magnet or magnetic strip to the back. You may need to attach the paper or fabric to poster board to make it more sturdy (you … Continue reading