Earn Money with Your iPad or Tablet

Take advantage of your iPad or Tablet to earn money. With the iPad or Tablets capabilities, you can pad your bank account with some extra cash. Here is how. Selling Books Grab your iPad or tablet and head to the nearest thrift store. Using apps, you can scan promising looking books and find out exactly how much they are worth in the resell market. This means that books you can purchase for 50 cents or a dollar could be worth much, much, more. Don’t forget to hit yard sales as well, where you may be able to pick up an … Continue reading

Three Ways Your Garage Can Save You Money

That little oft-neglected space in your home, the garage, can save you money if you let it work for you. Here are just three of the ways that your garage can save, or even make you money. House Your Car Use your garage to actually house your car. This is such a foreign concept to most of us. We usually use our garages for storage and not for out actual cars. This is pretty backwards thinking. By using our garages to shelter too much stuff, we are not protecting our cars, which are generally bigger investments. We learned this the … Continue reading

3 Money Saving Hobbies

Are you looking for a new New Year’s Resolution or just something fun to do? If you resolve to learn a new money saving hobby, you’ll entertain yourself without a big expense plus save additional money or even earn some money! Here are three different money saving hobbies that you might want to consider taking up. They all involve minimal expense or no expense to get started, but they will do a lot to either cut expenses or add to your income. Baking Baking is a great hobby that doesn’t require a lot of initial skill. You can easily bake … Continue reading

Snowflake Your Way to Savings

Using the snowflake method, you can save enough money for vacations, private school for the kids, groceries, holiday gifts, or your emergency fund. You can snowflake to build up your stockpile or be a stay at home parent. You can even snowflake to buy an iPod. Many people use the snowflake method, whether they work outside of the home or not. it is easy to do, and you can earn as much or as little as your time allows. What is the snowflake method? You basically find ways of making small amounts of money (the snowflakes) in short bursts of … Continue reading

Upgrade Your Small Kitchen Appliances for Free

Here is a sneaky way to upgrade your appliances, such as slow cookers, rice cookers, bread machines and more. Have you been coveting the latest model? It is hard not to do, with all of the specials that are out there after the holidays. But don’t be fooled. A $100 appliance that has been marked down to $60 is still costing you $60. Not spending $27 a day every day will yield you an extra $10,000 a year! And it is hard to justify spending the money when you already have a perfectly good appliance at home. Ready for this … Continue reading

36 Money Making Ideas for Kids and Teens

The next time your kids or teen needs something new, why not suggest that they earn some money on their own. Sit down with this list and see if there is anything on it that they would like to do to earn some cash. Of course you want to encourage them to be frugal about their money, and when they have to earn it on their own, it may bring the money value lesson on the forefront of their thinking. Obviously, you want to keep the child’s age in mind as you review this list. A five-year-old would find it … Continue reading

Need a Little “Fun Money”? Donate Plasma

Perhaps I should start by clarifying. I am not talking about your plasma television. I am talking about your blood. Okay, technically the yellow liquid part of your blood that suspends blood cells. I used to sell my plasma back in college. At the time, I sold my plasma for purely selfish reasons – pizza, beer and text books. If you live in a town near a college, the chances are probably pretty good that you have a plasma donation center near you. The process is actually quite simple (if you are not squeamish about needles, that is). You start … Continue reading

Supplement Your Home-Based Income by “Swapping Up”

At the beginning of the new year the pastor at my church gave a sermon on simplicity. “Do you really need fifteen pairs of shoes?” He asked the congregation. While I’ve never been much of a shoe collector, I do like to horde craft notions and books. I had a room full of glues, paints, brushes, scissors and other odds and ends I never used. My husband and I decided to start our own “de-cluttering campaign” to kick off the new year. We tackled my craft room, his extensive coat collection and both of our closets that were overflowing with … Continue reading

How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (1)

Putting scrapbooking supplies in a garage sale can be risky business. You will never get your investment back. However, upon careful research of Ebay and other online auction sites, I have also come to the realization that you won’t get it back at some of those places either. Now, do not get me wrong, if you have the time to sell on Ebay sometimes you will get lucky and sell something for more than you originally thought. But most of the time the cost of listing, their percentage at the end and the shipping charges far outweigh the amount you … Continue reading

Need a Little Extra Cash?

Looking for a few extra dollars here and there? Want some new ways to generate a little more cash on your own schedule? Read on for a few ideas… * Give lessons or tutor Do you have a talent worth sharing? Whether you play an instrument, are an artist, are great at math, or are a computer programmer, chances are that someone out there would be willing to pay to learn from you. Advertise at music stores, local schools, in the newspaper, and by word of mouth to gather clients. * Freelance writing Nowadays, with Internet articles, blogs, newspapers, and … Continue reading