Is Your Spouse Missing Out?

Is your spouse missing out on valuable family time and a real bonding experience with your children? In an article published earlier this year it was reported that only 1 in 30 men in the UK found time to read a bedtime story to their children. I suspect the situation wouldn’t look that different in the USA or Australia either. Reasons for the lack of bedtime reading were cited as long hours and work commitments and tiredness. When women were interviewed the results were 9 out of 10 still found time to read to their children. I admit this is … Continue reading

When There is Not Enough Time to Be Frugal

Who has time to cut coupons, scour the deals, wash out bags and walk to the store? Is it really worth it to spend extra time making meals from scratch when you can better spend that time earning money? It is sometimes hard to justify all of the time that can go into the job of saving money. I say it really depends on a number of factors. But there are three thoughts that I have on this. The first is that you have to calculate in a general way how much the particular frugal practice will save or earn … Continue reading

Basic Time Management Strategies For Scrapbooking

We always here about time management and how it can make our lives easier, but how does that apply for our favorite hobby? It is easy really, but it does take a big commitment on your part to discipline yourself. Set Aside Time This seems like such a simple request, but often in our busy everyday lives, it is difficult to find the time to scrapbook. However, if you want to complete your layouts and fill your albums with beautiful pages, then it is an essential strategy for time management. Find time when you don’t really think you have it. … Continue reading

Clear Your Schedule

When it comes to spending time with your spouse, most of us would say that time with our spouses and our families are the most important time we can spend in a day. You would say that, right? I would. But time is a funny thing, it has a tendency to get away from us and we start to put too much importance on getting everything done – from the dishes to the laundry to paying the bills and getting the yard work finished and then there’s the work you need to get done so you can attend the meetings … Continue reading

Don’t Have Time To Exercise?

It can be hard, day in and day out, reading the same type of data about working out and then thinking: sure – it’s really not that easy. Or sure, if I could find the time, don’t you think I would work out? That’s just it – just because you have lots of time doesn’t mean you do what you think you would with it. For example, for years before my daughter was born – I must have had lots of empty hours. Hours I did whatever I pleased in. I didn’t have a house to care for, a family … Continue reading