Printing and Framing your Family Tree

A lot of work goes into a finished family tree. There is a lot of time and research that goes into any family tree. Some people spend years completing a family tree. Many people spend months on their project. With a project of this magnitude, it is understandable that many families would want to print and frame their family tree. A beautifully printed family tree that is matted and framed is a great family heirloom. It can be displayed proudly by grandparents in their home and passed down to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. There are many ways to … Continue reading

Creating Marbled Paper for your Scrapbook Layouts

It’s fun to create your own background papers for your layouts. You can use them as the whole background or crop them and use them for journaling boxes, or even matting a photo. Creating marbled paper is actually really easy. I’ve found a couple of different ways to do it, so I will share both of them. Marbled Paper #1 Here is what you need: White glossy cardstock Metallic ink refills Water-based ink refills Denatured (rubbing) alcohol Cotton balls Heat tool Spray sealer Here is how to create the marbled paper – Begin by applying small drops of the metallic … Continue reading