Saving Money At The Grocery Store

I am forever pinching pennies as a single Mom, sometimes I feel sorry for those poor little pennies! In our house it seems like the only thing we really have any control over is what we spend on food. I’m not good at clipping coupons, wait, I’m good at clipping them, just not remembering to use them. I used to be really organized when it came to couponing, not so much anymore, but I do have lots of hints on how to make it easier for those of us who are not professional couponers. 1. Look for coupon websites in … Continue reading

First Trip To The ER

Well we are only a few months into being parents and so far we have been called to school for stealing and getting naked by no trips to the emergency room. Well that changed one night when I was home with the boys and my husband was at a concert. I had already fed the boys and we were doing baths, I did George first because he was easy. When I was helping Steve who is only three with his bath first we played with some toys and when it came time to wash his hair he did not want … Continue reading

Rewards Points

I was just thinking about all the things I accumulate reward points for. I get points for buying Pampers products and points for buying Huggies products. I often look at the catalog of products I’m earning points to buy, for lack of a better word. I rarely see anything I want to pay shipping on to have. Although, I do think there’s a Pampers item I want. I guess I’ll just keep collecting points until I have enough for the vacation. I like Pampers diapers, although not the new Dry Max, and Huggies wipes, but don’t go out of my … Continue reading

Removing Summer Stains

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for light-colored clothing and activities that cause lots of stains on that clothing. Think barbeques, biking, and rolling down grassy hills: all of these are activities that are bound to stain your clothes. How can you take care of your summer clothes so that they look good at the end of the summer as well. It’s time for barbeques and burgers, but the condiments can be disastrous for white shirts and pants. What do you do if you drop ketchup or barbeque sauce on a shirt? First, scrape of the sauce and run … Continue reading

Shopping With a Toddler

Have you ever lost sight of your toddler when you’re out and about? I’ve come across small children separated from their parents while shopping. When I do, I talk to the child to calm him down and then find the closest employee to facilitate the reunion. I figure an employee is in a better position to help. My toddler is at the age where she wants to walk everywhere. She doesn’t want to sit in the seat of the cart. It is much simpler and faster for me to plunk her in the seat and strap her in. She, on … Continue reading

What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

On the rare occasions I’m able to go shopping at a department store, I often pause to reminisce about pre-baby days. “I used to be able to wear those kind of swim suits,” I sigh, thinking sadly about my now sagging stomach. “Oh, for the days when I could wear tube tops and halters. There’s no way a strapless bra is holding these milk jugs up any more,” I lament, picturing my nursing bras. When I walk past the purse section, it almost brings a tear to my eye. I study the leather, canvas, and variety of buckles. I mentally … Continue reading

Dicing Up Dinner

Meal preparation can be tricky with a baby. My baby takes up a lot of my mental capacity. Some days, the last thing I want to do is think about what to make for lunch or supper, especially when I want my meals to be healthy. My baby makes grocery shopping more complicated. If she’s in a good mood, it can be a fun experience. I get to get out of the house, and my baby gets to see and hear interesting new things. However, if my baby is fussy, it’s a whole different story. Even after I decide what … Continue reading

Ways to Save Money Living On One Income

Time to work on you marriage and spend with children, are not the only benefits of living on a single income. Living on one income can help you become more careful with money. How? Read on. When it came to groceries Mick and I figured out early on that the fewer times we went near the supermarket the better off we were. Grocery shopping was once a month. It means making a list and ensuring you are not going to run out of necessary items. If you do, then go without till the next shop, unless it is absolutely essential. … Continue reading

Swimsuit Shopping: Not for the Faint of Heart

We’ve probably all heard it before. We probably didn’t give it much thought until it actually happened to us. We probably all look back and think, “I didn’t know how good I had it until it was gone.” I’m talking about pre-pregnancy boobs. Sure, some of us who were smaller-chested before pregnancy probably loved the increase in size that came with being pregnant. I was your average C-cup before being pregnant, and I enjoyed the newly acquired curves. During the first few months of my baby’s life, I was too busy with my baby to pay attention to what was … Continue reading

Sears Coupons

We had a major snowstorm here with more than a foot of snow coming in from late Friday night and all through Saturday. It took a while of shoveling and snow blowing for two days before being able to get the car on the road for church. We decided to do a little bit of shopping in the afternoon. We didn’t do too much, because we knew the roads would ice up once the temperature dropped back down in the evening. So, with that in mind, we basically hit two stores: Sears and Toys R Us. One thing that I … Continue reading