Displaying Memorabilia in a Scrapbook

Recently I scanned some old pictures of myself that I found in some scrapbooks I had created years ago. My scrapbooks include a lot of memorabilia, including newspaper clippings. The thing that stands out with the newspaper clippings is how they have yellowed. I have more scrapbooks that I still want to create and they will include newspaper clippings. But I really hate the idea of them yellowing. I happened across an article just the day other and it gave a solution to the yellowing problem. You take a capful of Milk of Magnesia and pour it into a bottle … Continue reading

Scrapbooking with Awards, Certificates, Medals and More

It is that time of year again, where the books are being turned back in, desks and lockers are being cleaned out, pencils boxes with two markers, one broken crayon, two dull pencils and a chewed eraser are coming home and then the countless papers, and projects are finally able to be returned. But it’s also a time, when many children receive awards, medals, certificates and other items, commemorating their special achievements throughout the year. Perhaps it was for perfect grades, or just really great grades. Maybe it was for perfect attendance, which might not seem like such a big … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Alternatives to Adhesives

Awhile back, Nicole blogged about the different types of adhesives you can use on your scrapbooks. If you haven’t read that, do! It’s a very good introduction and covers it well. I’ll admit to being cheap sometimes and using scrapbook glue sticks when I can’t afford the tape runner. But sometimes you have articles, photos, documents, or memorabilia that you don’t want permanently affixed for one reason or another. What do you do then? One way is to use photo corners. You stick your photo into it, and then glue the corners down. This means you can always remove the … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Memorabilia

Memorabilia is a must have in any album. Maps from the zoo, a brochure from the science center, an airplane ticket from our trip to New Zealand, it can all be included. What happens when you realize you have too much memorabilia? Well there are several options. You can either pare it down yourself, choose what’s really important. Is it really necessary to include all the postcards and the three different brochures from your vacation? Or can you somehow separate your layouts into a more flowing creation, and include a piece of memorabilia per page? Can you try shrinking a … Continue reading

Heritage Photos – How Best To Deal With Them

Recently I was asked for some help on organizing and scrapbooking some very old memorabilia, as well as photos, that a woman had inherited from her family. Most of this dated back to WWII and although scrapbooking isn’t any different for those time periods, the delicacy of the photos as well as the memorabilia does pose special challenges. She found herself overwhelmed by all she had in her possession and being unsure as to what should be included and as safely as possible. I was also asked about 3 dimensional scrapbooking for the small pins, medals and name cards that … Continue reading

How to Create a Pocket Page

Do you have a pocket full of memories? Well you should! A pocket page that is. What a great addition a pocket page is to your scrapbooks. All sorts of things can be stored in a pocket page, tiny mementos, report cards, greeting cards, id cards, vacation brochures, maps and more! Creating the page is actually really easy and can be done quickly. After you’re done with the basic part, you can then begin embellishing it with all the new, fun products in the scrapbooking world. So how do you create a pocket page? Let’s get started. There are a … Continue reading

Recording Birthday Memories

Birthdays are a popular celebration that we like to include in our scrapbooks. With the many activities that can be involved with a birthday, I thought I would share some ideas of things you won’t want to forget to include on your birthday layouts. Here is a layout I have completed of my daughter’s birthday. I used the ScrapbookCircle.com May kit to complete this layout. Notice how I included a photo of each party guest to create a boarder for the page. Photo of the birthday person. For children, it is fun to take their picture with the same object … Continue reading

Organizing Heritage Photos and Memorabilia

Many of us have piles of photos and memorabilia given to us that go back a few generations. These are very special photos and other items that should be persevered in a way that it is easy to access the desired photo or memorabilia and can serve as wonderful record of your family history. Thinking about the boxes you have filled with photos, birth and weeding certificates, report cards, postcards, drawings, etc., can be overwhelming. I would like to suggest some steps you can take to make organizing and putting items into scrapbooks a manageable task. Remember to set realistic … Continue reading

Collecting Travel Memorabilia

When traveling, there are so many fun items that you can collect to include in your albums. Many of these items will be objects that you find throughout your daily adventures. I would also like to suggest things that you can photograph to help you capture the essence of your vacation. These items can really help you tell the story of your entire experience. Watch for these and any other fun items throughout your travels. Foreign currency Movie Tickets Play/Musical Ticket Stubs Restaurant napkins Takeout menus Sporting Event Ticket Stubs Hotel Key Museum Brochures Train Passes Postcards Itineraries Receipts Maps … Continue reading

Make a School Days Keepsake Book

Whether your children receive awards and ribbons, or just want to keep track of report cards, class photos, and special notes, this keepsake book will be the perfect way to store these items for future trips down Memory Lane. A keepsake book will also insure that school memorabilia is kept together so important items don’t become misplaced. It’s also fun to make and a good way to keep kids busy during Spring Break, over the weekend, or any time they are home from school. Items Needed: Cardboard or cardstock (8″ x 10″ pieces) Fabric or paint Hole punch Ribbon or … Continue reading