Public Memorial Planned for Jennifer Hudson’s Family

While Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and her sister grieve the senseless deaths of their beloved family members in private, residents in their Chicago neighborhood are planning a public memorial to honor the lives of Darnell Donerson, Jason Hudson, and Julian King. A statement just released by the actress’ rep reads: “The Hudson family welcomes anyone who wishes to attend and pay their respects to these three beloved members of the Chicago community.” The former “American Idol” contestant will not be attending the public service, nor will her sister Julia, the mother of 7-year-old Julian King, according to Hudson’s rep. However, … Continue reading

Non-Christian Memorials

I think one of the hardest places to be present for emotionally is a funeral for someone who died likely having rejected Christ as their savior. Unlike with the death of a believer, you can’t with an honest heart comfort someone with the fact the person is in heaven with God where one day they might be reunited together. Though the funeral for a non-believer can leave an added sadness, there really is a tactful and respectful way to remember the person and even turn the situation at hand to bring glory to God. Realize we really don’t know what … Continue reading

Princess Diana’s Sons Plan Memorial Concert In Her Honor

Can you believe that it has been nearly a decade since Princess Diana died in that horrific car crash? Ten years since the entrance to her home was turned into a sea of flowers; her front gates transformed into a bulletin board of sorts, plastered with banners announcing the pain, shock and sorrow people from around the world felt when they heard the news of her death. It’s also been ten years since we watched her two visibly distraught sons walk silently behind her casket—–perched on top—a bouquet of flowers, and nestled among the blossoms a card that read simply: … Continue reading

Another Blow To A Cancer Victim’s Family

A New York couple that watched their 21-year-old son suffer through months of painful chemotherapy before he lost his battle to brain cancer is forced to deal with another painful blow this holiday season. For the past several months, Doug Rillo’s family has tried to remember the good times, but it hasn’t been easy. The Rillo’s are one of millions of families who have lost a loved one to cancer this year, but that’s not why they have been thrust into the national media spotlight. The family has been featured on a number of network news shows because of what … Continue reading

A Name on the Quilt – Jeannine Atkins

Laura and her family have gathered together to make a special quilt to remember her Uncle Ron, who has died. Some of Ron’s friends came over and they are helping, too. As they stitch, they share memories of the fun things that Ron used to do with them. He took Laura ice skating, they went to the lake, they played Scrabble, and they loved to dance in Ron’s living room. By the time the quilt is finished, everyone has contributed their thoughts about Ron and how he will be missed. What the story portion of the book doesn’t say outright … Continue reading

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

Today marks the five year anniversary of a tragic event or series of events, that changed our history books forever. As scrapbookers, most of us commemorated the events of the day by doing a scrapbook layout. In fact, I created mine during a scrapbook challenge on a message board that I belong to. It was five years ago that I created that layout, and it was simply nothing more than a “this day in history” type of page. I didn’t do much journaling besides to explain the events and what unfolded throughout the day. I included a time line and … Continue reading

Personal Reflections on a Memorial Layout

With Memorial Day here, this topic seems appropriate though completely coincidental. I’m in the middle of a move and what fun it has been (not!). However, in the process I’ve taken the time to go through my scrapbook supplies, layouts and other items to be sure that I want everything and that it’s stored the best way possible. In the process I came across a stack of layouts that had not been placed in an album yet. I giggled and laughed at some of the memories that were depicted on those pages and in the photos. But then I came … Continue reading