Create a Memory Quilt with Outgrown Kids Clothes

Just now, I was hanging up skirts in my daughter’s closet after ironing them. I looked in, and there it was: the most perfect little turquoise sweater. And it’s getting too small. Maybe it’s more intense when you have one child, but I’m sure that anyone who’s moved on from a child-raising stage gets a little weepy at having to pass on a particular beloved item of children’s clothing. This one child just happens to be my first and last. When she grows out of clothes, we tend to pass them on to the neighbours up the road who have … Continue reading

September is Classical Music Month

Did you know September was proclaimed Classical Music Month in 1994? Classical music and composer studies are some of the most enjoyable lessons my family does during the school year.  If you have not implemented composer studies, use this month as an excuse to explore something new with your kids. I understand a request to add in another study can be daunting.  In my homeschool, we have composer studies on Fridays for 20 minute periods.  You can keep it low pressure by adding elements of classical music and composer studies into your regular routine.  For instance, you can play classical … Continue reading

4th of July Memories

The 4th of July is truly one of my favorite holidays. I love the memories we create, as we gather in our yard with friends. We always have quite a spread of every kind of meat you can possibly grill, lots of side dishes and at least four different kinds of dessert. The kids jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, hang out in my children’s bedrooms and go to the park. The adults relax and talk, and eventually play a game. This year it was a hilarious game of “Catch Phrase.” Then we enjoy snacking again while we watch the … Continue reading

Telling the Same Story

Have you ever listened to two people telling the same story? It always sounds different. In some cases it may be so different as to be unrecognizable. Just listen to anyone telling about an argument they had, whether it is with their spouse or some other person. Depending on the person’s personality, what happens is that they come out as either the one doing the right thing or they come out as the victim, the one that is being hard done by. The way they tell it will determine how those listening view them and the other person involved. We … Continue reading

Digital Photo Danger

Luckily this post isn’t a sob story about losing all of the photos of my child because they were on my computer which got stolen, stopped working, exploded, deleted them, etc. I’m fairly tech-minded but I’ve got to tell you that it took me a while to really think the issue of digital photos through enough for me to come to my senses. When I look back at photos our wedding and our honeymoon I instantly realize how important these images are. They take us back to a time when things were different. Probably not better but certainly worth remembering … Continue reading

What To Include In Your Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a fun topic to write about in a journal. This time in your life is so new and different from any other stage in life. So much is packed into nine months; if you don’t write it down, you’re bound to forget some of it. It can be really entertaining to look back at your pregnancy journal and relive some of the memories (or be grateful that some of them have passed, like morning sickness). Writing about your pregnancy might come naturally for some, but if you’re suffering writer’s block, here are some ideas for what kinds of … Continue reading

Toddlers and Grandparents

My son is very fortunate in that my grandmother, age 76, is still able to care for him. He has “Grammy Days” and spends time with her. They listen to Bluegrass music and dance around the living room. They also spend time watching cartoons and movies, reading books and occasionally go outside for a walk. It is much more common that toddlers spend time with their grandparents as many great grandparents are not able to keep up with the active life of a toddler. My son spends a great deal of time with his grandparents as well. My father and … Continue reading

How to Include Your (Soon-to-be-Born) Baby at Christmas

There are lots of fun ways to include your soon-to-be born baby at Christmas. Who cares if they don’t know what is going on? For the mother-to-be, this “first” Christmas is just as special as all the Christmases to come. Christmas can almost begin to feel like a baby shower for a pregnant woman. Family members may have gifts for the new baby, such as clothes or toys, and will enjoy watching the new mother open them “for the baby.” Hanging a stocking for the expected baby is a cute way to give small gifts like teething rings, pacifiers or … Continue reading

A Scrapbook of Your Child’s First Year

A nice addition to your child’s Baby Book is a scrapbook of their first year. This enables you to add more than what their Baby Book asks for. You can add your own creativity and save some of the keepsakes that you wouldn’t otherwise keep. A good way to create this type of scrapbook is to do it month-by-month. You can pre-design all of your pages and just add photos, notes and keepsakes as the year progresses. Perhaps design two scrapbook pages per month. The first introduces the month and has a list of new accomplishments for your baby. The … Continue reading

Your’s and Spouse’s Memories May Not Be the Same

Even if you experienced an event together, don’t expect your memories and those of your spouse to be the same. It’s a bit like being at a car accident No two people will see the event the same way. Someone will be able to remember the car and model, maybe even the number plate. Anther person might not have a clue about those things but can tell you the color of the car or what the man or woman involved was wearing, or want time it happened. Yesterday as Mick and I were talking with a friend, he related an … Continue reading