Are You Getting the Message Out?

It has been a while since I have written much about marketing and promotions but I was talking to another business owner recently and she asked me a great question: “How do you know if you are getting the message out?” How indeed?! We know we need to spread the word but how do we know if we are successful in our efforts or if we need to do a little more to make sure we get the message about our home business operation out and about? One of the points I like to make is to remind people that … Continue reading

Technique Tuesday: Hidden Message Card

One of the greatest parts of paper crafts, is the ability to use your scrapbooking supplies and paper in new ways to create one of a kind projects. A favorite way to use up your scraps and enjoy the art of paper crafting is to create cards. This has taken on a whole new craft of its own. Today I wanted to take a moment to teach you how to create a Hidden Message card. They have become quite popular in the paper crafts arena, and are so incredibly easy to make and very versatile. You can use them for … Continue reading

Is Your Message Messy?

We have talked before about the importance of creating a solid mission statement and a business message. Many people think that mission statements are for nonprofit organizations or charities, but a having a guiding mission statement is important for businesses of all sizes. Once your mission is in place, you can decide what your slogan or message is that you want to put out there into the world. One of the areas where small, start-up businesses run into trouble is that their message is not clear—it is convoluted and confusing and downright messy—customers have a hard time figuring out what … Continue reading

Finding and Using Scrapbooking Message Boards

Every scrapbooker desires to share their passion with others. Not only to spread the word about their addiction, but to also connect and grow friendships with other scrapbookers. Being able to share your hobby with someone else, or several someone elses, can be rewarding to say the very least. Scrapbooking message boards have cropped up, pardon the pun, all over the Internet. A simple search will find you dozens of sites, where you can go and get just about any type of scrapbooking information from regular scissor and paper scrapbooking to digital. While there are several very popular scrapbooking message … Continue reading

Every Business Has a “Voice”

You have no doubt heard the term before “finding your voice”—it is often used to describe writers, performers, actors, and other artists who need to evolve into an individual with a unique approach and a unique “voice” for sharing their art form. But, this terminology works very well for understanding the evolution of a business as well. Each business has to find its own unique approach, connect with the market in a special way, and define itself in a special way that will set it apart from the competitors. While you may have ambivalent feelings about your home business—it might … Continue reading