His Own Plate

This week my wife and I bought a “high chair” for our son. Yes, maybe we should have gotten one sooner. No, we’re not bad parents. Actually, a lot of thinking went into the rationale for the purchase. One of the things we really didn’t want to do was separate him from us. Only recently has he received his own glass for water. Before he’d share with his Mom and Dad. Our son has been slowly learning that he has a certain amount of control over things. He can now readily grab small crackers between his fingers. Before this week … Continue reading

Can a Messy Home Make you Spend More?

I believe that the answer to the above question is a definite yes. A messy home can cause all kinds of spending traps. At least, I try to tell myself this when I am just not in the mood to pick things up or purge things that aren’t useful or really wanted. Having a non-messy home can be a great way to save money on the sneak while boosting your mood (assuming that having a non-messy house makes you feel good). Here are my reasons for believing that a messy house can make you spend more. The biggest reason, I … Continue reading

My Scrapbooking Mess – A Personal Saga

Mess is my organization. Chaos seems to follow me wherever I go in my scrapbooking area. I currently have dozens of projects left unfinished all over the room. When does it end? Certainly I am better prepared to scrapbook or be creative when my mess is organized. Why can’t I seem to get it all in order? Time? Space? Energy? Sure it all plays an important factor in why I seem to create havoc wherever I go in this room. However, it’s also the love I have for each family member, each friend and each gift recipient on my Christmas … Continue reading

Excuse This House

I received this poem for Mother’s Day along with a picture from my daughter and wanted to share it with all the mothers out there whose houses so often, like mine, are strewn with toys and not as clean as we would want them to be. Some houses try to hide the fact That children shelter there. Ours boasts of it quite openly, The signs are everywhere. For smears are on the windows, Little smudges on the door. I should apologize I guess, For toys strewn on the floor. But I sat down with the children And we laughed and … Continue reading