Learning to Walk

As your baby celebrates her first birthday and becomes a toddler, she may not be toddling yet. Most children learn to walk between nine and seventeen months of age. Each child has his or her own developmental timeline, and the ways in which babies and toddlers approach those first steps are as unique and varied as the children themselves. My oldest son Dylan was a very fast crawler. Crawling worked well for him and got him where he needed to go. He was standing and pulling up before his first birthday but he was not walking yet. He was, however, … Continue reading

Language Development in Toddlers

Two-year olds are generally talkers, though most of the time we do not even know what they’re saying. However, their words mean something to them. The toddler’s mind is ahead of their mouth literally. Their new motor skills are not coordinated with each other. In the mind of the toddler, all the words are right, but when they try to convert the thought to speech, gibberish comes out. Don’t worry if sometimes they sound like they are saying complete sentences in a foreign language. Most toddlers will gradually get better at forming their words in due time. To assess a … Continue reading

Time Goes By So Slowly

As my son’s first birthday approaches and I look back on my first pregnancy, the whole nine months, in memory at least, feels like nothing more than a blip on the radar screen. In the final weeks, I recall feeling like I had been “pregnant forever.” I remember actually saying that on more than one occasion. It seemed to last indefinitely when I was waiting for it to end. A year has faded the memory a great deal, but all it takes is a glance at past blog entries I wrote during my pregnancy to remember how much it dragged … Continue reading

Four-Year-Old Mile Stones

As a parent, you probably want to make your that your child is right on track with developmental milestones. From speech and language to physical milestones, knowing what she should be doing can help identify any potential issues that require intervention, or just give you a reason to brag. While every child develops differently and at his own pace, here are the things that you child generally should be doing by the time she reaches the age of four. Socially, she should be able to interact and play with other children and even make friends on her own. If she … Continue reading

Musings on an 18th Birthday

My eldest child turns 18 today. It is a strange, momentous occasion for the both of us. Last night when I was talking to her I said, “It’s not every day that a person turns 18!” and she countered with, “Well, in fact it IS everyday that people turn 18.” Of course I meant that it was not every day that SHE turned 18 or that one of my children turned 18, but she had a bit more of a global perspective on things. Regardless, neither one of us can ignore that this one is a very big deal. When … Continue reading

Developmental Milestones and When You Should Worry

Although we have a very extensive collection of articles already in the baby blog regarding infant development from newborns to 24 months, I still find that parents need reassurance regarding their child’s development. So what should you do when your child misses a milestone marker? Trust Your Instincts I have said it before, and I’ll keep saying it over and over and over again. Moms–we are born with good maternal instincts. Use them. If something seems off to you, go get it checked out. True, it’s probably nothing. If junior isn’t talking, he probably has a quite personality or if … Continue reading

Disney Coffee to Support our Troops

The Walt Disney World Dolphin resort goes through a lot of coffee. Every day, they leave packets of coffee in each guest room and, with all the visitors they have, that adds up to a pretty big hill of beans! Since they recently changed coffee supply companies, they’ve decided to get rid of the surplus coffee they had from their initial supplier and who better to give it to than United States’ troops serving overseas? Well, that’s what I think and apparently what somebody in charge at the Dolphin thought too. Thanks to the Wesley Chapel nonprofit group “Support Our … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Small Milestones

Our scrapbook albums tend to be full of these big events and activities. We commemorate birthdays, graduations, weddings, the birth of a new baby and many other huge events. But what about all the small events? There are dozens of other events that we overlook or forget about, that would be great to commemorate on a scrapbook page. This all started when I realized that I have been with this website for almost two years. My anniversary is in March and I wanted to remember that. A totally insignificant event to almost anyone else. There are dozens of other small … Continue reading

AAFES To Give Away $10,000 Disney Vacation

AAFES (the Army and Air Force Exchange Service) also known as the local military Base Exchange (BX) or Post Exchange (PX) is running a special promotion for military families through December 24th of this year. Military shoppers (military members and others who are authorized to shop at military exchanges) can enter to win a free vacation for four to Walt Disney World. The “Disney Sweepstakes” is a joint effort being offered by AAFES and Disney watchmaker Seiko Instruments. The grand prize comes complete with hotel accommodations for a family of four for five days and four nights, air fare from … Continue reading

The Ups And Downs Of Celebrity

Did you know actor Barry Williams had dreams of becoming an Air Force pilot before he hit in big in Hollywood? The “Brady Bunch” star admitted he considered joining the military like his father, but instead he stuck with acting and gained fame as the oldest of three brothers on the popular TV series. Who knew Williams would get a second shot at his dream? More than 40 years after expressing interest in joining the military, the 53-year-old former heartthrob was made an honorary member of the Air Force’s 4th Fighter Wing’s 335th Fighter Squadron. Last week Williams got the … Continue reading