Things We Love Album

We all have things we love. They may be as simple as the feeling of clean sheets as we climb into bed or as important as family. Why not create something that celebrates the things you love? These things are the little bits of information that your family and others will want to know about you in years to come. I recently completed this little (4 X 4) accordion album about the things each member of our family loves. This was a very simple project that only took a couple of hours to put together. Each page of the album … Continue reading

Moving Gift for a Friend

Moving scrapbook When a good friend is moving away, it can sometimes be challenging to think of something that would be a meaningful gift or memento for them to take along with them to help them remember where they lived. Recently, a group of my friends put together an album for some friends that were moving. I’d like to share a few things that I learned from this project that should help it run smoothly for you and help you create a very meaningful gift for a friend. 1. Pass out a page protector with a sheet of white cardstock … Continue reading

Scrap Your Daily Life

Scrap Your Daily Life Details Would you like to know what your mom did when she first woke up each morning while you were growing up? Or what your favorite dinner was when you were young? What was the daily errand schedule of your mom when you were little? These are priceless bits of information that, if not recorded, will be lost forever. Keeping a daily journal is one way to record these small slices of life. Another way is to complete scrapbook layouts focusing in on different aspects of the “mundane” things you do. You can also complete an … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Vacation Photos

We recently went on a three-day family vacation and came home with many photos that I want to scrapbook. This got me thinking about the many different possibilities for ways that I could scrapbook my vacation photos. I’d like to share some different ways to include your vacation photos in your scrapbooks. Chose one photo to highlight each event on your trip. You could create a 2-page layout summarizing your vacation with a favorite photo from each event from the vacation. Number each of your photos and then journal about them while referencing each photo in your journaling. Create one … Continue reading

Family Fun Facts Album

Scrapbookers are generally very good at capturing all of those big moments in life such as vacations, birthdays and milestones. But are you remembering to capture those important small details that tie your family together and make your family special? Creating an album about what your family likes to do together, family favorites or favorite pastimes is a nice way to document the little things that make life special. Making an album that documents these special family traits does not need to take loads of time or products. I created a little accordion album that fits into a round tin … Continue reading

4th of July Scrapbooking

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought that would share a few ideas for those Independence Day layouts and albums. Document your annual traditions. If there is an activity that your family participates in each year, it is something that you will probably want to record. A highlight of the Fourth of July each year for my kids is participating in my parent’s neighborhood parade, so I always try to include at least one picture of them in the parade. Create a 4th of July mini album. You could do one new layout for the 4th … Continue reading

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas Looking for a way to brighten dad’s face on Father’s Day? How about using some of your scrapbooking supplies to create a meaning keepsake for dad. Here are a few Father’s Day ideas to get you started: Alter a picture frame. Take a candid shot of the important kids in dad’s life and place it in a picture frame that you have altered. You could use patterned paper that match dad’s or the kid’s interests. You could even have one of the kids write a message such as “We Love You” as part of the picture frame … Continue reading

“Our Family” Mini Album

Mini albums are such a fun way to share a group of related photos in an easy to look at format. Here is a mini album that I recently completed and I thought I would share it here. This is an album I completed for my kids so that they can look at all of our family members and learn more about them. Each page features one person in our family. I included grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our own family. Supplies: (Everything used in this album came from Scrapbook Circle’s June Kit.) 7 Gypsies Circle Album Basic Grey Patterned … Continue reading

Returning to Scrapbooking after a long break

I have had several conversations with friends about scrapbooking lately. They all used to scrapbook, but have been busy with other things and now they say that they just don’t even know where to start. It can seem like an overwhelming if you think that you have to scrapbook all of the pictures from the last 5 years (or more) right away. I’d like to suggest some ways to simplify the way you approach scrapbooking so that it is a fun hobby without the unnecessary self-inflicted pressure to get it all done right now. Create a mini album. This would … Continue reading

Breakfast Recipes Mini Album

It is nice to be able to add a personal touch to any gift that we give. We are all busy, so a quick project that looks great it always great. I just put together a bridal shower gift for an old friend. I found a wicker basket with handles that could be used as a serving tray and filled it with items the newly married couple could use to make a fun breakfast. I also created mini recipe card album with a few of my favorite recipes to include with the gift. Directions for creating a mini recipe card … Continue reading