The Power of M-O-M

When you are down and out, nervous or tense, anxious or stressed, whom do you turn to first? If you answered good ol’ mom, then you’re in good company. Mom may be the obvious answer to the aforementioned question, but researchers wanted to prove how powerful a little TLC from M-O-M really is, so they set out to test the time-honored theory. According to researchers from the University of Wisconsin — Madison (my alma mater), a mother’s voice has the power to calm frazzled nerves. They proved it during a study that involved 61 girls, ages 7 to 12, and … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day, Single Moms!

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a bit more of a challenge for single mother’s. We do not have a significant other there to plan the day for us, and are often left to do the planning ourselves. You might even feel like planning the day yourself is a bit arrogant, but you should not feel this way at all. I’ll tell you why. Number one, you deserve to celebrate yourself as a mother. You do a job a lot of people would not want to do, or could not do. Number two, your children deserve a day to thank you … Continue reading

Photo Projects for Mother’s Day

It’s right around the corner you know. That’s right, Mother’s Day (it’s May 9 in the US, just in case you’re not a calendar-checking type and this is news to you). How are you going to celebrate the mothers in your life? While there are hundreds of gifts you could buy, why not create something for your mom (or moms) using photos? One of the many great things about moms is that they are often sentimental and photo-based gifts allow them to keep cherished memories close and even have something to brag about (you know what I’m talking about). So … Continue reading

But It’s My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear me! Happy birthday to me! Yep, you guessed it: It’s my birthday. Another year gone, another year older. Birthdays used to be so exciting. I remember looking at the calendar in anticipation when I was younger, counting down the days until I got to eat cake and open presents. It was nearly impossible to go to sleep the night before. I’d wake up early, go into my parents’ bedroom, and the entire family would gather around for gift opening. I would be freed of my morning duty of making … Continue reading

Making Changes as a Single Parent

Making life changes are hard for most people. Add to that being a single parent and it is no wonder that many parents stress over big decisions. Every decision we make as single parents affects the lives of our children. While that is true for all parents, those of us who are single don’t have anyone else to share the decision with. When there are two parents in a household and they choose together to make a change, they support each other. For single parents, we must be strong enough to make a decision and follow it through. While we … Continue reading


I did it. I succumbed to the fear… nay, the reality, that the dinosaur costume my 5-year had to HAD. TO. have for Halloween might not be hanging in Toys R Us later this month. Yes, I bought the overpriced green fleece ensemble complete with plush claws… last month… shortly BEFORE Labor Day. OH YES I DID! I am that mom. The one other moms can blame for purchasing the one and only size 5 dinosaur costume Toys R Us decided to carry in our local store. I swear there was only one left when we got there. Yes, I … Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Weight Loss

This has been an interesting week for me with a few different ups and downs. Feel free to play some mood music from your favorite western movie, in the background as you read this. “Doodeedeedoo Wah, wah wah.” The Good I had a particularly great exercise day on Saturday. With no where pressing that we needed to be, I was able to walk and run for a longer time period, proving to myself that I could do it. I was also able to relax and not be so stressed about getting back on time in the morning to shuffle my … Continue reading

Top Ten Signs You Are a Dedicated Parent

Have you earned your parent wings? Of course you have! Here is a humorous look at the top ten ways that you know you have gone from single sophisticate to dedicated parent. 10. You pack yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You already have the ingredients out on the counter anyway, and let’s face it, in your sleep deprived state it would just take too much effort to try to assemble something else. 9. You carry hand sanitizer wherever you go. A good cold was once a good excuse for staying home from work and indulging in a day … Continue reading

Clever Mom Awards

Moms everywhere do a million, no make that a billion little things for their family that hardly go noticed. Well, I for one think that there should be some acknowledgment somewhere for all of the things that moms do (and yes, I am a mom, so I am biased). This is even more-so for all of the clever solutions that moms dream up in order to just get through the day. Hey, we can’t be everywhere at once, and multitasking can only be taken so far. Even though we have eyes in the back of our heads, we still only … Continue reading

Caution Bodily Fluids Ahead

Warning: Gross but true Being a mom, there are a multitude of bodily fluids that I have been “given.” From diapers that leak to full frontal liquid assaults, to date I have been peed on, pooped on, thrown up upon, sweated on, drooled upon, sneezed on, cried on and bled on. I have been a substitute tissue on occasion, and have had the honor of retrieving stubborn snotty mucus from sick children. Thanks to all of this exposure, I see the world in a different way. No longer do most bodily fluids make me squeamish. I think nothing of wiping … Continue reading