Scrapbooking Extraordinary Moments and Events in Life

It isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it, and more than likely, it certainly won’t be the last. Scrapbooking those hard times, the things we would rather leave unspoken. But what kind of picture does it depict when someone glances through our albums and everything looks perfectly rosy and happy all of the time? Most families are touched by divorce in some way, yet this is a topic you don’t see in scrapbook layouts very often. I can honestly say, I have actually created a 2 page layout about my divorce. I haven’t slipped it into an album yet, for … Continue reading

Capturing Baby’s Special Moments

Are you expecting a new arrival? Or has your home been blessed with a brand new bundle of joy? Holding onto each moment and cherishing it, is important. They are only small for a little while. But what moments are important to remember? This terrific list was compiled to make some of the photo opportunities easy to remember. Whether you’ve adopted or have had nine months of cravings and a sore back, this list will help you remember every moment of your special time with your baby. Still expecting? – Positive pregnancy test (photograph the results) – Mom’s growing belly … Continue reading