Start Your Christmas Shopping Now

You heard me right, start Christmas shopping now. With the end of the season clearance prices on everything from toys and clothes, to gadgets and gaming electronics, its the perfect time to start stocking up for Christmas. In a previous article, I discussed what we do to ensure that we are not left with loads of last minute Christmas shopping, however if you haven’t practiced that method this year, it’s not too late to start. It is August and you still have five whole months until Christmas! It is definitely not too late. Assign several household members to each remaining … Continue reading

Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (2)

Organizing your scrapbooking monthly kits from the various kit clubs is a challenge, and many scrapbookers struggle with the thought. In the earlier article, I explained why breaking up your kits and organizing them by supply, is not the most effective way to organize. Here are some examples of organizational methods that some scrapbookers use. If you have decided to keep the kits together, which is what I recommend, then you are faced with a whole new dilemma in organization. Where do you store them? How do you store them? Do you keep them in the box? Do you remove … Continue reading

Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (1)

Scrapbooking kit clubs are a wonderful addition to our hobby world, and they allow you a nice surprise in your mailbox every month. Most scrapbooker’s subscribe to kit clubs because it is nice to get kits that are assembled and designed to make scrapbooking easier and allow us maximum eye appeal in our albums. But those kits can add up, or rather pile up, especially if you subscribe to more than one company, or perhaps you just don’t find the time to scrapbook very frequently. So what are you supposed to do with all those kits and pizza boxes that … Continue reading