Changing An Album Kit (3)

Album kits are easy to change and that has been my focus the past few days. This article will wrap up the rest of the album and hopefully encourage you to get started on your own. Since I had planned out the album, all sixteen pages, before I got to work on it, the album was easy and fast to complete. Planning is key. It also allows you to figure out what you might need in advance and not order too many photographs. The next section of the album began a closer look at mom and dad with the kids. … Continue reading

Changing An Album Kit (2)

Changing an album kit is easier than you might think. I have already given you a quick look at how easy it can be, but now I would like to show you what I did to make it work for us. Sometimes seeing it can spark the creativity for your own changed album. You don’t have to follow the idea sheets that come with the albums, many people don’t actually realize that. You can design your own look and feel for the album in any way you want, it’s your album. Don’t forget, you can use your own embellishments if … Continue reading

How I Organize My Monthly Kits

Often, even when I share great organizing advice, I still get an email or message asking which method I use. So I thought I’d share my method of storing all those monthly kits that we get and can’t stop subscribing to. First, I subscribe to two monthly kit clubs (mostly because I cannot decide which one I like better) – Apron Strings and Scrap Jammies. I have also recently been tossing around the idea of a third one I found, that I really think I like. So, if I do join, it will be three monthly scrapbooking kits, each with … Continue reading

Monthly Scrapbook Clubs Galore

Joining a monthly scrapbook kit club can be one of the easiest ways to try out new techniques, receive new products and get more scrapbooking done. There are so many monthly scrapbook clubs out there, it’s important to research them all and figure out which one works best for you. Most monthly kit clubs supply you with all the scrapbooking materials to create several layouts, although be careful, because some only have enough materials for one or two layouts. You need to be sure you check them out thoroughly. The cost for a monthly kit can be anywhere from $9.99/month … Continue reading