What Happens When Restlessness Hits?

We’re going along, working away and doing just fine. Perhaps we have a business plan and a budget and our keeping the wolves at bay when, one day, restlessness comes knocking at our home office door. We just start to feel unsatisfied, wondering if this is really all there is or if we’ve made a mistake by starting our own home businesses? What does a business owner do when the waves of restlessness hit? Restlessness is to be expected. I don’t really know why we all get periodic bouts of it—maybe it is the moon, the weather, or as a … Continue reading

There Are Days When I Don’t Want to Answer Another Question!

I have written here in the Home Business blog about how important it is to focus on being “helpful” and structuring our business and marketing in such a way that we hone in on what we can do to improve the lives of our customers and clients. While I definitely subscribe to that approach to business, I thought it would be only fair for me to confess that are those days when the last thing I want to do is be helpful to anyone! There are those days when I don’t feel like I have any answers and I don’t … Continue reading

Vulnerability Can Be both Good and Bad

I often write about the strength and “toughness” of single parents, but I think it is only fair that I also talk a little bit about vulnerability. Many of us find that we wrestle with our vulnerability—how vulnerable can we be? How tough do we have to be? Where do we go with our vulnerable feels and how do we protect ourselves from being too vulnerable? Some days it can seem like a minefield as we vacillate and try to figure what is “good” vulnerability and what is not so good… I made up my mind after I went through … Continue reading

There Are Days When I Wonder If I Could Get Any Crabbier…

Why is it that there are days when I feel incredibly swaths of peace and great gifts of flexibility—and then there are others when I am really unfit for public consumption? Even after all these years and all the lessons parenting and family life have offered me, I still have days when I am not exactly sure what I am doing here! It is a strange thing to feel basically content, and still get downright crabby and not even fully understand why. It isn’t like the realities of my daily life change all that much from day to day or … Continue reading

Spreading Calm or Chaos?

When I was growing up, my mother used to refer to one particular mood or behavior as “spreading hate and discontent”—it usually referred to a crabby person who was just going around causing grief, grumbling, and picking arguments with other family members. I still think of that phrase on days when someone in my family is so crabby it is spilling over onto everyone else. BUT, there are also those times when peace and calm can get spread around too… Of course, I am definitely lumping myself in with those family members who have the ability to spread calm or … Continue reading

Setting the Mood in Your Scrap Area

Recently I read an article about the sensory elements that create a perfect room. Many times we focus on the colors and design of the room only. We forget many of the other sensory elements that go into the final design. Since I have been discussing scrap rooms and areas, I thought perhaps I would provide a little advice and some tips. Lighting The visual sensory element. There are so many different types of light you can look into for your scrap area. Obviously good lighting is important while creating your scrapbook pages and layouts, so proper color and coordination … Continue reading

Can Color Help You Parent?

Enough studies have been done on the effects different colors have on humans (and animals) to fill shelves and shelves of books. Not to mention “color therapy” is a growing discipline with increasing popularity. There are also plenty of people who swear that color not only influences moods, but can bring all sorts of good (and bad) things into your house and life. If all this is true, can the judicious use of color help you parent? According to the experts, colors like blue, purple and green are all calming colors. Painting a child’s room in blue or a cool … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (1)

Color surrounds us everywhere. What would our world be without the vibrant and serene colors that we are afforded daily in our lives. The cool aspect of color is that different colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Often people are more drawn to one particular color, than they might be another. This can occur for several reasons. Perhaps a person likes the way the color looks. Or maybe someone has told them that they look good in that color. But more than likely, the reason for enjoying certain colors, is that people probably like the way the color makes them … Continue reading

Not Feeling Romantic? Get in the Mood

Maybe you’re thinking that all this fuss about romance lately, really isn’t for you. To put it bluntly, you’re just not in the mood to be romantic. There is too much going on, you’re stressed, and you can’t just put everything aside to concentrate on Valentine’s Day or to come up with romantic gestures. Try some natural mood enhancers. They won’t make problems go away, but they may help you face things in better spirits or give you enough of a pick-me-up to give your romance a recharge. Don’t Forget the Fish Studies show that eating fish, especially those with … Continue reading

Tip of the Day- Go Orange Today

How many things can you think of that are orange? Naturally oranges come to mind, but what else? Where else can you find orange your life? Let’s make it an orange day today. Find an orange piece of clothing to wear, pull out your orange essential oils, and eat your orange foods. Having an orange day is all about fun. It’s about lifting your mood and boosting your health. Here are some interesting things that orange can do for you. Think of the color orange, what kinds of emotions do you associate with it? We can all have good and … Continue reading