Thanks and Wishes for Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and the internet is abuzz with heartfelt words of thanks to mothers everywhere and hilarious anecdotes about what real moms want for Mother’s Day. Since I not only have a mom but am a mom myself, I would like to address both of those topics. Oh, and I’d also like to add in a little something about my mother – in – law. Don’t worry, it’s nice. I would like to think that when I was a little girl, my mother knew how much I appreciated everything that she did for me. I can only hope … Continue reading

Cute Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts (Inexpensive, Too!)

Handmade gifts, especially when they mark milestones in your child’s life can be lovely. You’ll find yourself years from now looking at them and remembering back to earlier times. I have a small collection of these gifts, and they always make me smile. For example, there is the wax cast of my first-born’s hand when he was only two. We were at a festival, and the vendor didn’t want to cast anyone under the age of four because children that age tend not to hold still. We insisted and said we would take it, no matter how it came out. … Continue reading

Three Simple Rules for Anyone Attending a Birth

 This post is dedicated to all of the fathers, partners, husbands, and others who will be attending births in the near future. While we, the pregnant women, appreciate your willingness and desire to be present at the births of our children, we do respectfully request that you follow a few ground rules during your participation in this important event. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when the time comes. Rule number one. Everything changes once those contractions start coming. It does not matter what I said last month, last week, yesterday, or even this morning. It does … Continue reading

Three Ms You Don’t Want in Marriage

Yesterday we looked at some Ms to incorporate into marriage. Today I’ve got three Ms you definitely don’t want in your marriage Manipulative We’ve all seen then the wives who manipulate their husbands with tears and emotional blackmail and acts designed to get what they want. We see it in those who manipulate their spouse into doing what they want when they want it, using sex or whatever other means at their disposal to get their own way. Manipulative people often use tactics to make the other person feel guilty, if they don’t comply. They use silent treatment or lies … Continue reading

A Single Mother’s Struggle

For most of my life, I didn’t think I would be a parent. I lived the single life to the best of my ability during my twenties. I was 28 years old when I found out that I was pregnant. I wasn’t married to my son’s father and knew that we would not build a life together. I made the decision to become a single mother. I decided that from the moment my son was born, I would base all of my decisions on what was best for my child. I have done that for the past few years. Everything … Continue reading

The Decision to Become a Single Mother

My son is the best thing to ever happen in my life. It wasn’t an easy decision to become a single mother. I did it because it was what was best for my son. His father didn’t want to be involved in his life. While I was disappointed in him, I did understand his reasons and, after a lot of conversation, agreed to accept his decision. Being a single mother is hard. There are trips to the grocery store, where you could really use both hands. There are those times, when you are holding your child and an arm full … Continue reading

Bringing Baby to the Library: The Children’s Room

The library can be a rewarding experience for both you and your baby. If you missed the earlier article about this topic, just click here: Bringing Baby to the Library. Now let’s take a look at the children’s room at the library, including what you should look for before making an extended visit. The children’s room is very important, since you will be spending a lot of time in it. You want to find one that is bright, clean and isolated a bit from the rest of the library so you and your baby will be free to explore without … Continue reading

Mother or Single Mother

When you tell people that you are a parent (and this article can be about Dads too), how do you identify yourself? Do you tell them you are the “mother of two” (or one or three or whatever) or do you describe yourself as a “single mother”? I think it is interesting how we identify and think of ourselves when it comes to our role as single parents. Do you find that you temper your self-description to fit the audience or person you are meeting? I find that most of the time, I tend to clarify that I am a … Continue reading

Elements of Mother and Father

Even when our children have two parents in their lives, if we are a single parent running our own household, we are called upon to incorporate all sorts of different “traditional gender” roles into our parenting. We can cling to an idea that we are only this or only that and many of us find that we take on elements of mothering and fathering and become a better-rounded parent… This is not to say or imply that there is anything wrong with those who choose to go the more traditional “mom” and “dad” route and are heading up two-parent homes, … Continue reading

Too Many Kiddos!

(This is my attempt to write a little humor without the list format. The fact that I am providing an intro to clarify that is, of course, a bad sign. Still, I want to make sure no one thinks I am just ranting like a crazy person. I am crazy, I’m just not ranting. Much.) Why is it that wherever I go, people think I have too many kids? I only have four – and the fourth is only a recent addition, so most of my experience comes from three – but from the way people point, gawk, and stare, … Continue reading