Oh Baby, What a Deal!

Do you have a baby in your life? If so, chances are you love showering her with all the wonderful baby clothes and toys that are on the market today. Or maybe you’re the lucky mother or father of an adorable baby and you’re constantly in the process of stocking up on the necessities that your bundle of joy requires. Either way, today is your lucky day because this post is dedicated to online coupon codes offered by retailers of baby products. Shopping online for baby products is the ultimate in convenience. That’s especially true for parents of newborns, who … Continue reading

Would You Buy Walt Disney Signature Products?

I’ve talked a lot about the Disney merchandise permeating our lives, about the “must have” mania it can sometimes inspire, or just the fun experience of being a collector it can involve. I’ve mentioned some of the bizarre merchandise Disney offers, but I haven’t really gone into just how much Disney there is that we don’t recognize. Obviously a company as large as Disney owns several properties that don’t brandish their Mouse Ears: television channels ABC and ESPN, the newly-acquired Marvel, even the publishing company Hyperion. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Today I’m interested in the brands bearing … Continue reading

Getting Dressed

Is it a fight every morning to get your toddler dressed? Does your toddler love to dress themselves? Are you able to put the cute accessories on your toddler and accentuate their outfit or are they happier in a diaper and t-shirt? My son wakes up every morning asking to get dressed for the day. He also strips out of his clothes at the end of the day when he is ready to relax and run around in a diaper. The problem I have is keeping shoes on my son. He takes them off every time I put him in … Continue reading

Do You Have a Mommy Uniform?

What do you wear to drop off your kids at school in the morning? Is it the same outfit you wear to the supermarket, the pet store or the gas station? I tend to dress in the same outfit to do all of the aforementioned tasks—-jeans or khakis with a plain button-down shirt or sweater. My wardrobe is simple, easy to clean, and yes, rather boring. However, at least it won’t get me banned from stores. In England, a couple of grocery stores are cracking down on moms who shop in slumpy, dumpy outfits that resemble nightwear. You know exactly … Continue reading

Adapting My Clothing

Since I have been losing weight, I have had to contend with clothing not fitting me quite right. Believe me, I am not complaining. I’d rather have loose clothing than tight clothing. But because of my limited wardrobe (yes, I am the mom who still has clothing she purchased 10 years ago), I’ve been having to adapt. Why don’t I just get new clothing? Well, for one thing, I am very frugal (notice the clothing from 10 years ago). We just don’t have a new wardrobe in the budget at the moment, especially with the holidays here. The other reason, … Continue reading

Frugal Ideas for The Christmas Sweater

Some time ago I wrote about my frugal exception. In this blog I described the one thing that I really couldn’t cut corners on. My secret is that I never purchase used shoes. I prefer to get these new. I nearly forgot about my Christmas sweater obssession. I love Christmas sweaters and try to get a enw one very year. But buying a somewhat gaudy sweater that I will only wear for one season is a collosal waste of money. Here are some furgual tips that I used to enjoy the Christmas sweater season each each year. 1. Keep it … Continue reading

Clothing Bargain Tips at the Goodwill

Shopping at a thrift store is just the first step to getting some major bargains. There are a couple of tricks to know to make sure that you walk away with the best merchandise for the least price. Use the colors to your advantage At the Goodwill, clothing is given a colored tag or plastic strip when it comes in the door and is put out onto the floor. There is a different color for each week, and the colors rotate. When it is time for the color to come up again, any merchandise that is already on the floor … Continue reading

Stretch Out Your Kids Clothing

In the Home Blog, I’ve been discussing how I am in the middle of switching out sizes and seasons for my kids clothing during this weekend. But did you know that there are some items that you can actually stretch out or remake to get an extra year or two? And if you have too much of one kind of item, such as a zillion onsies, make them over into something you can use. Whether the clothing is too small, too worn or two stained, don’t throw it out. Instead, create a new wardrobe and save on the cost of … Continue reading

Swapping Out Seasonal Clothing 2

It is that time of year again. I’ve been talking about swapping out the seasonal clothing for my family. When do you do your swap? If you missed the first part of this series, click here: Swapping Out Seasonal Clothing. Now, let’s continue. Winter jacket and snowsuits are done separately from regular clothing. I usually make that a family affair, with everyone trying on different items to see what will work for them. Anything that is too small for the youngest or my only girl gets set aside to be donated. When I get back to the drawers, I sort … Continue reading

Updating Used Clothing

Cutting back on your expenses can mean buying your clothing used or reusing what you already have. One of the issues with previously owned clothing is that it can sometimes be dated and old fashioned, or reflect a trend that has past. Whether you have outdated children’s clothing or adult clothing, you can turn it around and spare the expense. Here is how you can update those old styles. Removal Method Many older clothing styles, especially of the 70s and 80s, are defined by their accessories, sleeves, collars, etc. The basic part of the clothing often remains classic. For men’s … Continue reading