Animal Relocation Initiative

My dog Chihiro was born in Arkansas. It might have been a bit of a head-scratcher how a young puppy made it across several states in order to be adopted from a shelter in the Washington, DC area before she turned four months old. I wasn’t perplexed, however, because before I even found my dog I was already familiar with the concept of rescue transport. When I lived in Baltimore I roomed for a while with a friend who loves Dachshunds. She adores the breed so much that she’s very active with the Coast to Coast Dachshund rescue group. One … Continue reading

Reassuring Kids in Times of Disaster

Even if you don’t let your kids watch the news, they likely know about the earthquake in Haiti through all the fund-raising projects going on (for more information about children’s fundraising projects, click here) and from hearing people talk about it. Maybe your child was afraid that they would be in an earthquake. Maybe you could get out of it by saying you don’t live in an earthquake zone. I couldn’t say that, so I’d have to go into detail about houses being built better, our earthquake kit having all the necessities in it, and having police and fire personnel … Continue reading

You Can Go Home Again!

Greetings from New Orleans! After two years and two months, Tyler and I are finally back home in New Orleans. Okay, we’re not in our house but we are in New Orleans to stay. We arrived Friday and are staying at a hotel until my house is complete. It’s coming along slowly but the work being done is excellent. The house looks better than it did when I bought it eight years ago! Returning to a city that has suffered a major disaster like Katrina is something that you have to experience for yourself to really understand. When you have … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review June 24-June 29

It’s the last week of June and while summer may have officially started on June 21st, the weather has been pretty wonky this year. Drought plagued North Texas for two years and in the month of June, we’ve seen over 11 inches of rain – that’s more than enough and then some and other parts of Texas have seen 18 or more inches of rain. But let’s get to our marriage blog week in review: Saturday, June 23 Relationship Problems are something we all experience at one time or another. Are you considering Writing Your Own Vows? Here’s some things … Continue reading

What Emergencies Will You Face?

One major point in preparing for emergencies is to know what emergencies are more likely to develop in your area. Every part of the United States can be hit by different type of natural disasters. There really is no “safe” place to live. I don’t say this in a negative way because many of the emergencies can be prepared for and these things are just a part of life. If you live in the Southeast, you are at an increased risk of hurricanes and flooding due to tropical storms. Another event that can hit states in the South is an … Continue reading

Preparing for Earthquakes

I grew up in an area where the only natural disaster I really worried about was earthquakes. In addition to the fire drills we had each year in school, we also had earthquake drills. I remember waking up as a child to a small earthquake. I think it was around a 3.0, but I was scared because I was on the bottom bunk of the bed and so I rolled off of it and onto the floor. After the quake was over, my dad came and checked on us. It really wasn’t a big deal. However earthquakes can quickly become … Continue reading

Journaling the Hard Times

As scrapbookers, we tend to capture the happy moments; the moments where people are smiling or having fun. However, sometimes life serves us up some lemons and we find ourselves faced with challenges or disappointments. At these times, scrapbooking can be a great comfort. It can help to heal, or sooth your inner soul. Often times you can find strength and peace through your journaling enabling you to deal with whatever path we must follow from that point on. Use journaling and scrapbooking to record both good and bad thoughts, feelings and experiences. It’s a very therapeutic way to heal. … Continue reading

The Tsunami and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

December 26 brings the one year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed over 300,000 people. The world responded generously to the plight of those who inhabit the countries rimming the Indian Ocean; from Indonesia, up through SE Asia across to India and Sri Lanka, and as far west as Africa. Yet despite the millions of dollars in aid and the beginnings of restoration apparent in many areas, the psychological fallout from this horrific natural disaster still continue to haunt the daily lives of many of the survivors. For individuals who live through a life-threatening event such as the … Continue reading