Wasting Energy on Negative Reactions

As parents, we have to say “no”—we have to set limits and boundaries and let our children know what can and cannot be done. This does NOT mean that we have to be negative. It may seem a little strange, but I do believe that we can set strong limits and boundaries with our kids and still be positive. In fact, I think it takes a lot of extra energy to be negative and when we react negatively to things going on with our children and our families, we are not only wasting energy, but also teaching our children how … Continue reading

The Silent Enemy

What is the silent enemy of your success in any weight loss program? It’s not a food or a drink. It’s not even another person. The silent enemy is the internal, critical monologue you endure each time you flay yourself for how you look or how much success you have or have not had. You see, you listen to this silent enemy every single day. You listen to it when you look at yourself in the mirror. You hear every derogatory word you say about yourself and to yourself. You listen to it when you try on clothes. You listen … Continue reading

Developing a Positive Attitude

Take a glass half full of milk. Are you the type of person who looks at the glass and says it is half empty or half full? In a world increasing in negativity and despair it is important that we teach our children to look at the glass as half full. Having a positive attitude helps people cope with their daily lives. It reduces negative thinking and helps life seem happier and brighter. But a positive attitude has to be developed. Some people are more naturally inclined to be positive, but that doesn’t mean the pessimists out there can’t change. … Continue reading