Photo Add Ons

The title might seem deceiving… this post does not discuss embellishments that you can add on to your photos; rather I wanted to provide additional information on topics I blogged about in previous articles. Here’s more info on: PHOTO SORTING When I mentioned that I sort photos chronologically and separate them per event or occasion I failed to mention that I flag some with Post It notes. Doing so reminds me that a certain picture is frame worthy or scrapbook worthy. However, I should note that you should never adhere Post It notes to the front of your pictures. Always … Continue reading

Healthy Foods You May Not Eat

Foods that are staples in other parts of the world may not be on your nutrition radar here. Let’s look at a few foods that you may be ignoring! Cabbage is an amazing cancer-fighter. Certain compounds in cabbage can actually detoxify cancer cells and interfere with the formation of cancerous substances. Other cruciferous veggies (like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and turnips) can help protect your body against certain types of stroke, several kinds of cancer, diabetes, and cognitive impairment. Sweet potatoes are full of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6. Lentils (and other legumes, like … Continue reading

Photo Negative Safety Tips

Keeping negatives safe for centuries to come is important. There is nothing worse than having a photograph get damaged, only to find out that the negative is also damaged and more than likely the photo is not replaceable. That can easily lead to broken hearts as well as no memory connection for future generations. Do Not Let Them Touch Store negatives in sleeves or in some other system where multiple negatives cannot touch each other. This is important to avoid scratches, or if by some horror the negatives became moist, they won’t stick together if they aren’t touching each other. … Continue reading

How to Best Organize Your Negatives

Negatives are a pretty important part of photography. If you took picture prior to your digital, you have negatives. There is not much of a way around it. However, knowing how to properly organize and store negatives is something you might be doing for a long time to come. Without negatives you cannot reprint photographs, or even print any at all. I have hundreds upon hundreds of those tiny little strips in my possession – not only mine, but some of my extended families too. Figuring out how to organize them and store them was simply a nightmare at first. … Continue reading

Should I Send My Homeschooler to Summer Camp? Perhaps No

We are now on the verge of summer and many homeschooling families are contemplating summer activities. The question of summer camp is on the forefront of many people’s minds. So should a homeschooling family send the children off to camp? I have already mentioned the reasons why you might want to send your homeschooler to summer camp. Here are some reasons you might not want to send them to summer camp. Summer camp may open them up to public school problems. Summer camp is often just public school once removed. Many of the issues you hoped to avoid by homeschooling … Continue reading

Misinformation About Homeschooling: Don’t Believe the Lies!

In my article, Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Homeschooling,I talked about misinformation homeschoolers might find on the internet about homeschooling. I have now decided to discuss outright lies that are damaging to homeschooling, which I will follow with exaggerations made in the favor of the homeschooler. Lies About Homeschoolers: Homeschooling is great academically, but children can turn out as social misfits: I want to scream and tear out my hair every time I hear this, but then I would look like a social misfit. Perhaps there was a child somewhere who left his homeschooling experience shy and withdrawn. Perhaps … Continue reading

Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Homeschooling

When searching for information on homeschooling, please consider the source from which your information comes. I am a subscriber to Google Alerts and get a daily list of anything recently published on homeschooling, home school, homeschool, and home education. I have several problems with items featured in these alerts: Automated Articles: The information I get about homeschooling on Google alerts often appears to be automatically generated. There are programs that many online “writers” use to generate slightly altered duplicates of the same article. The information that results from these programs is rudimentary at best. It is doubtful that the sites … Continue reading

Negative Storage

Negatives are important to scrapbookers. These are the beginning of every scrapbooking page. They are the gold in our layouts. Without negatives you cannot reprint photographs, or even print any at all. So storing a negative is an important process. I have found myself inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of those tiny little strips, and figuring how to organize them and store them was simply a nightmare. But I did figure it out, and I now have a method. Of course, I also don’t accumulate as many negatives as I used to, with the new digital technology. If you aren’t … Continue reading

10 Things Most Damaging To Photographs

There are so many factors that can ruin or damage a photograph permanently. Proper storage and handling are important for long-term enjoyment. However, there are ten things you can watch to help control any long term damage to your photographs. One is not any worse than the other, as they all have damaging principles, and almost all are completely controllable. Sunlight Obviously keeping a photograph out of direct sunlight is extremely important. If you choose to place a photograph in a frame, try to avoid direct sunlight or a sunny area of the house. Overtime the exposure to sunlight will … Continue reading