Notebook of blessings

A comment on my last blog and a visit to Courtney’s blog inspired me to think about a notebook of blessings. I hope as you read you will be inspired to create your own list of blessings. I praise God for: The gift of love – that of my husband, family and friends and especially God’s love as revealed to is through Jesus and his death on the cross for my sins. The beauty of creation. We have not long returned from a walk down by what people here refer to as a lake but it is actually St Georges … Continue reading

The Notebook: The Epitome of Devotion

I’ve been reflecting on devotion and devotion levels recently. Because the stroke seems to have enhanced my mom’s dementia, the romantic in me has also been reminded of the movie The Notebook. If you have not seen this movie, in one of her blogs Christian Blogger Dale Harcombe summed it up best: “Caution – don’t attempt to watch this movie unless you have a full box of tissues handy.” Where the storyline is the epitome of devotion, the movie is the epitome of a tearjerker for sure. Wayne was actually the one who reminded me about the movie. I had … Continue reading

How Much Laptop Do You Need?

Computer users are increasingly turning to laptops as a secondary or even primary computer. Laptops, because of their smaller size, are usually more expensive than are desktops. Because of this, the old “give me the works” mentality can make for an expensive purchase. In addition, laptops come in so many different configurations and with so many different features. It is best to first figure out what it is you will be doing with the laptop and then match that usage to the right combination. The first decision to make is the Apple versus the PC. I have to disclose that … Continue reading

The Phenomena of Second Notebook Computers

Today must be a day for me to talk about interesting phenomena. One trend that I have been noticing lately is the growing number of people who are purchasing second notebook computers. Much like the second (and third and fourth) televisions in a home, second notebooks seem to be coming almost a standard desire, or seen as a very convenient necessity. For our terms, when I talk about a second notebook, I don’t mean having more than one notebook in a household that is assigned or used by different household members. Dad may have a laptop and so may Junior, … Continue reading

Are You Shortening Your Laptop Battery’s Life?

One of the concerns that plague laptop owners is whether or not they should make an effort to run down their laptop computer battery to nothing before charging it back up again. Sometimes this just isn’t convenient, such as when you shut down your laptop at night and it only has 15 minutes of battery time left. That 15 minutes is certainly not enough to get your through the next day, but if you plus the laptop in to charge it, are you shortening your battery life? The brief answer is probably not, although there are some considerations to make. … Continue reading

Starting an Idea Notebook or Inspiration Journal

As any scrapbooker knows, inspiration comes from all over the place. Often it is what sparks our creativity and gets us making these amazing layouts. However, many scrapbookers know that sometimes we glean ideas or inspiration from other scrapbookers and other sources related to scrapbooking or other paper projects. I have been scrapbooking for over thirteen years now. I have amassed quite a collection of magazine articles, layout clippings, sketches, pictures and pieces I intended to use as inspiration to create these amazing layouts. Some might call it scraplifting, but since I don’t scrap lift the designs as much as … Continue reading

MacBook Air

One of the big bits of news coming out of MacWorld during Steve Job’s keynote address today is the confirmation of the latest Apple laptop, which is something quite different. The MacBook Air boasts a slimmer than slim profile, with a thickness of only .76 inches at its thickest part. Apple is pronouncing the Macbook Air to be the world’s thinnest notebook. Some of the coolest features of the MacBook Air include a large touch pad that utilizes multi-sensory touch. What that means is that you can use more than one finger on this touch pad, such as rotating a … Continue reading

My Personal Categories for a Household Notebook

So often others ask me how I divide or categorize my items within my household notebook. It isn’t that they do not understand the use of the notebook, only that they have trouble figuring out how to categorize it. When I discovered household notebooks, I never realized how purposeful and how incredibly important it would become to my family. We rely on this book, and affectionately refer to it as “household central”. If someone comes asking about something they hear “Check household central”. Because I figure if they cannot find it there, it probably is not anywhere in the house … Continue reading

The Best Type of Binder for Household Notebooks

What is the best type of binder for household notebooks? This question has actually been asked to me a lot in my days of spreading the word about our family central binder. The place where the whole family can find almost any information they need. However, the question posed is a good one, because the type of notebook is important. 1” Binder is the bare minimum size that I would recommend. This usually allows a household with maybe one child or two children to maintain a good record for the family. My families binder is a 3” binder. Yes. It … Continue reading

Dividing Your Household Notebook

By now you should have gathered all of the supplies that you need for making your household notebook. If you have not accomplished this yet, I strongly urge you to consider this method of household organization. For years it has saved my family a lot of time and money. So it is now time to focus on the dividers and categories. No two household notebooks are ever the same. Each family has different needs, and has a different focus on family life. For a homeschooling family, they won’t necessarily need a school or field trip section, however they might wish … Continue reading