Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side?

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Not necessarily but many of us can relate to feeling this way. This can happen in any area of life and it can even happen when you have a home business. When others hear that I work from home, without even knowing what I do, they tell me I am lucky. I think the reason people feel this way is because it sounds so luxurious. They envision you get to sleep in, work when you feel like it, take off whenever you want and stay in your jammies all day. … Continue reading

10 Ways to Go Green at the Office

10. Pull the plug One study showed that low power mode (what your computer goes into when it is turned off) accounts for approximately 10% of all the electricity used in California. To make sure you are completely cutting the power off, unplug items such as computers, monitors televisions, DVD players, and microwave ovens. 9. Try telecommuting Of course, everyone is not lucky enough to have a job that allows telecommuting, but maybe instead of working five 8 hour days, you could work four ten hour days to save on energy. 8. Digitize whenever possible Of course, we all love … Continue reading

Beating the Mid-Afternoon Slump

I recently had the opportunity to do some temp work for a friend of mine in an office setting. As a freelancer, I’m used to setting my own schedule. I love having the freedom to work for a few hours, take a break to walk the dogs or do something else, and then going back to the keyboard for another few hours. I’m out of the habit of working an eight hour day! One thing I noticed was the mid-afternoon slump — an hour or two after lunch, I found myself tired and unfocused. I’ll admit that I went for … Continue reading

Ergonomics in Action

A good friend of mine needed some help with data entry at her workplace, so she asked if I wanted to pitch in. It’s been a long time since I put on my business clothes and went to work in an office, but I’m happy to help. As I settled into my borrowed desk and computer at the office, I made sure my arms and wrists were happy with the ergonomic set up. I’ve had problems with RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my wrists in the past, and didn’t want to aggravate any old injuries. It turns out that I … Continue reading

Bringing Your Dog to Work: Canine Office Etiquette

Maybe you’ve found the perfect job — one that lets you bring your furry best friend to work. Maybe your office is celebrating “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. In either case, in order to keep your coworkers and your pup safe, your dog needs to be an exemplary citizen. Here are some things to keep in mind: Your pet should be under your control at all times. Keep him on a leash when you are moving around the office — or keep the door to your office closed so your dog can’t get out. Give your dog several walk … Continue reading

Ergonomics: Dos and Don’ts

Are you experiencing pain sitting at your computer? Maybe it’s your back that aches after a day at the office. Maybe your elbows, wrists, and shoulders are throbbing. Maybe your hips hurt. A proper ergonomic set-up can alleviate a lot of that pain! Ergonomics is personal. What works for you may not work for someone else. Experiment until you find a pain-free set-up. Here are some hints to help you find the best possible position for computer, chair, and body. Don’t settle! Ask for a different desk or chair that may be more comfortable. Try swapping workstations with a coworker … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: January 14th Through January 20th

Have you heard the news about the new ultra portable laptop? And don’t choose the wrong high definition format for your movies or you can find yourself lost and alone. All of that information is here in the review for last week’s computing articles. January 14th Computing Week in Review: January 7th Through January 13th This week we have focused on televisions and high definition electronics, along with a bit of news from Apple, including a possible new iPhone. Did you miss any of these articles? Check them out right here. Protect Your Kids! Cell Phones and Predators Cell phones … Continue reading

Do You Have an Office Supplies Closet?

Having an office supplies closet, pantry or set of shelves at home can help you stay organized and prevent all of that last minute running around. Back in our old home, we had a pantry down in our basement that was kept stocked with office supplies. There was everything in there from printer paper and ink cartridges, to reporter notebooks and expense ledgers, to extra boxes of crayons and craft supplies for the kids. Keeping that pantry well stocked really helped keep the household running. If my son needs something for school or I need something for work, we could … Continue reading

Missing the Office Potluck

There are so many marvelous advantages to running the home-based business–from flexibility and income potential to personal development. But, there are some things that just can’t be done when one is running her own business all by her lonesome in her bedroom or basement—one is the fun and socialization of the office or workplace potluck. Not everyone loves a good office potluck, of course, so being on your own might be a very good thing. You are spared having to come up with the right dish or transport it to work and hope no one gets food poisoning or hates … Continue reading

Outgrowing Your Work Space

When I started doing freelance writing from home, I invested in computer, fax, and a great compact desk cupboard that I can close up when not in use. After a couple years, that space definitely feels cramped and no longer as spacious and adequate as it once did. I am sure that I am not alone in facing the reality of outgrowing my home business space. I’ve written before about home businesses that might need extra storage space and some of the great ways to find more convenient storage without paying an arm and a leg. But what happens if … Continue reading