Scrapbooking Is Not Just For Women

Scrapbooking is simply not just for women or girls. Why is that such a misconception? I know so many men and boys who enjoy the hobby too. How can you not like having a hobby that deals with wonderful memories, clean crisp color photographs of people you love and care about, and the gift of words that can melt your loved ones hearts. Several years ago I found a gentleman on a message board I used to frequent. I had looked at so much of his stuff and was terribly impressed. Not only did he enjoy photography and scrapbooking, but … Continue reading

Make a Space more Formal

Would you like to transform a space in your home to give it more of a formal feel? There are many ways to bring formality to a space without starting all over. Try these ideas: Add Layers Add more layers with rich fabric. Start by adding sheers beneath existing curtains then add a valance to top off each set of window treatments. You’ll need to add extra curtain rods for the sheers but they are inexpensive and simple to install. For valances, instead of using typical curtain rods add decorative ones. Adding a throw is a good way to bring … Continue reading

Awesome Artwork

You can make your own artwork or have artwork made from photographs and other images. Photographs Have a favorite photo enlarged, or photocopy it to a larger size. Crop it and only use one interesting section for your artwork. Alternatively, you can use single items for a nice graphic look. Take one photo of an apple, one of an orange, and one of a bunch of grapes. Enlarge them, frame them, and hang them gallery style to create contemporary feel instead of the typical bowl of fruit art often found in kitchens. You can also try repeating the image multiple … Continue reading