Heritage Albums

Do you know what a heritage album is? In short, it’s an album you make of photos of your ancestors. I did my first one last year. We took a trip the summer before last down to Southern California. While we were there, we dropped in on dh’s dad. We hadn’t seen him in years. Paul’s parents divorced when he was young and he was raised by his stepfather. It was an interesting time as we spent several days there really getting to know them for the first time. Chuck (Paul’s dad) had saved a lot of photos of his … Continue reading

Going Back to Hades

In a previous blog, I described the place where our adopted boys were living when the state took them into custody. I think about taking our oldest back to see the area. At the proper time, a visit will help him let go of his experiences there. He and I talk about where he came from occasionally. It does not happen often because he generally avoids the subject. He would usually rather talk about my experiences and friends. We have discussed every scar on my body. We have talked about my parents and siblings. He asks a lot of questions. … Continue reading

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

Admit it… you’re getting old. Okay, you may feel like a spring chicken, but I just had a birthday last week and any idea that I had that I was really younger than I look went up in flames when I had to use a fire extinguisher to douse the candles on my cake. So yes, I am getting old. And as if I didn’t need any more proof, out comes Beloit College’s annual “Mindset List.” The list is complied each year by the school to remind faculty members that cultural and historical references familiar to them may be unfamiliar … Continue reading