Getting Organized for the New Year

As I prepare for the New Year, I am filled with inspiration. The New Year always feels like a fresh start, a chance to make specific plans for adjusting the way that I do things so that I can have more of what I want in my life. Since I work from home, it is a good time to think about adjustments that I could make to the way that I do business. A few days ago, I took the time to give myself “annual reviews” for both of my businesses. Based upon both of those reviews and how I … Continue reading

How to Help Your Kids Clean Their Room

Tell me, what does it look like right now in your child’s bedroom or playroom? Are there toys, books and games strewn about everywhere? How can you get your kids to be more organized and keep their rooms clean? Here are some tips that you can try. Make it easy The easier you make having an organized room, the more likely it is that your kids will maintain it on their own. After all, if a project is overwhelming wouldn’t you want to avoid it at all costs? Some things that can make it easier for kids to clean their … Continue reading

Cleaning Up the Computer Clutter

Is your computer filled with clutter? Clutter in your computer can make you lose time, lose patience and even lose money. I have something to say about cutting the computer clutter. Our desktop machine has gotten so slow lately, you can literally take a quick shower and get dressed while a certain program is still launching. Some programs won’t even load all of the way, and the ones that do often have problems running. Because of this, the best thing to do is to re-image the machine, which basically means wiping everything off of it and starting from scratch. Other … Continue reading

Avoiding the Paper Pile

When you have one piece of paper on a surface, you have at least ten or more pieces of paper on a surface. The darn things tend to multiply like rabbits. Here is how to get it all under control and preventing it from happening ever again. Identify the hot spots You can’t conquer your enemy if you don’t know him. Go around your home and identify the spots where paper tends to collect. In my household it is on a small antique desk in the front entry where mail tends to collect and on the main desk in the … Continue reading

Getting Organized for a Yard Sale

Having your own yard sale is a great way to de-clutter your home and earn a little extra spending money besides. But getting everything ready for a yard sale can be a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to get everything organized. Make a Staging Area Pick an out of the way area of your home where you can store, price and organize your yard sale inventory. Most people use the garage or a spare bedroom. Our neighbor makes use of a camper on their property. Having a place to go to drop things off as you find … Continue reading

When I Could Have Saved Money but Didn’t

Do you know those times when you could just kick yourself for not saving money? A little foresight or planning and you would not have spent as much as you did or would have avoided fees or penalties? I had two of those moments this week. Good organization and just being aware of what is going on can usually save you quite a bit of money. From reducing your need to replace something that got lost or stolen, to paying high fines for not paying bills on time, being on the ball can pay off. So back to those two … Continue reading

Three Ways an Organized Pantry Saves Money

One of the great pitfalls of frugal grocery shopping and stockpiling can be an unorganized pantry. Unfortunately, a pantry that suffers from disorganization can wind up costing your money instead of saving it. Here are three ways why it pays to take the time to organize your food. The biggest cost to your food budget can be food that expires or goes stale before you can use it. When this is the case, it doesn’t matter that you only spent 50 cents on a jar of pasta sauce if you never use it. One recent study suggests that Americans throw … Continue reading

Get Your Birthday Obligations Organized

January is a great month to get organized with all of those birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays that you want to remember. With an organized system, you’ll never be late again. I started this type of system because I had a habit of either forgetting birthdays completely, or only sending out a card or a gift after someone else reminded me that a birthday had past. Not only is this embarrassing, but it gives my friends and loved ones the idea that I don’t care (which I do). Here are some of the features I have put together in my … Continue reading

Organize Your Travel

What if you had a nice friend who took all of the details of your upcoming trip? He or she could give you a customized itinerary that you could share with your friends and family. What about instant weather reports, maps and directions. The best part? You friend would do this all for free. No, don’t look at me. I tend to be more on the creative side than the organized side. Fortunately, there is a very cool website that can do all of that wonderful trip organizing for you. It is called This personal assistant is ready to … Continue reading

Organizing the Family Room (5)

I am down to the last bit of my family room organization. The only thing left to do is the games. This isn’t going to be easy, since we have two shelves above and to the left of the fireplace that are packed with games. In addition, there are more games downstairs in the basement. Most of the games haven’t been played in a long time. Is this because we don’t socialize as much and the kids are too small to play some of them with us? Or is it because the games themselves aren’t very organized? If you have … Continue reading