Using An Album Kit

If you had told me before this Christmas, that I’d be using an album kit to complete something, I would have simply laughed. However, now I have tried it and I am totally hooked. At least for smaller albums and gift albums. I cannot possibly give up the creativity that goes into my everyday layouts. We have a grandma that lives in Montana, which is quite a distance from Missouri when you look at any map. She never gets to see the children, and as busy as we all are, we forget to send pictures out to her all the … Continue reading

What is a Scrapbook Page Exchange?

Page exchanges are so much fun. I have participated in hundreds over the years that I have been scrapbooking. They are great way to get pages done faster, and get more scrapbooking done. They are so much fun to receive in the mail too. A page exchange is typically hosted by someone. She will select a theme and then participants sign up. Perhaps it will be baby girl, or zoo, or school or birthday. You sign up for the themes you want. You then typically mass produce layouts of a designated number. An example: I hosted a baby girl page … Continue reading

Homeschoolers and the Congressional Page Program

Earlier this week, we went to our state’s annual Homeschool Day at the Capitol. It was wonderful. People had traveled several hours to get there, and there was a permeable sense of expectation. It’s put on by a conservative Christian homeschool organization, and it was not only the audience that reflected that. I was very encouraged to hear the many different speakers echo many of my own views. Because the legislature is in session, they were working, taking time out of their busy days to give us three-to-five minute speeches of encouragement. The first congressman came out and spoke about … Continue reading