Changing An Album Kit (1)

What is an album kit? An album kit is a kit that you purchase that come with everything you need to complete one entire album. It contains the album, papers, embellishments and usually contains an idea sheet. The only things you need to supply are your photographs and an adhesive. You might also need a cutter or straight edge scissors to crop your photographs. However, working with an album kit can be a challenge when you first look at it. Often the embellishments and the idea sheets are designed for a certain number of photographs per page, and perhaps you … Continue reading

What is a Scrapbook Page Exchange?

Page exchanges are so much fun. I have participated in hundreds over the years that I have been scrapbooking. They are great way to get pages done faster, and get more scrapbooking done. They are so much fun to receive in the mail too. A page exchange is typically hosted by someone. She will select a theme and then participants sign up. Perhaps it will be baby girl, or zoo, or school or birthday. You sign up for the themes you want. You then typically mass produce layouts of a designated number. An example: I hosted a baby girl page … Continue reading

Scrapbook Faster, Prepare Page Kits

One of my favorite time saving tips is to plan, plan, plan. Pre-planning pages before you sit down to scrap is the quickest way to get an album done and as much scrapbooking as your time allows. It’s really fairly simple to plan ahead. There are several different times that work for planning. First, when you get your photos back assemble your page kit right then. Or perhaps you might just have some papers and embellishments that coordinate perfectly and maybe you don’t have the photos yet, but still you can assemble a page kit in that way too. Another … Continue reading