School Scrapbooking – Meet the Teacher Ideas

Last night was ‘Meet the Teacher’ night at our elementary school. It seems early doesn’t it? But in reality, we are in a year-round school system and we start our new school year tomorrow. Oddly, on a Thursday. There are pro’s and con’s to being in school ‘year-round’ as they call it. Plenty of longer breaks, half days and other luxuries that more traditional schools don’t enjoy. My children have been in both traditional and year-round, and I have never even thought of creating a scrapbook layout depicting the difference and how I feel about each one. That is certainly … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge: Scrapbooking Makes Me Happy

Challenges can sometimes get us to create layouts and work on memories that we might not have done otherwise. It is my favorite part about doing challenges; the ability to think outside the box and get some scrapbooking done at the same time. Well, today I was sitting on the floor of my scrap area and going through old issues of my scrapbooking magazines. I came across a question in one of them that begged the question “What things in your scraproom make you happy?” “These are the exact kind of questions I like to use for my scrapbook journaling.”, … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge – How Many Layouts?

In honor of National Scrapbooking Day, I thought today’s challenge would be a little different than the normal challenges. In addition, there are many websites and other venues that are offering a special list of challenges just for today. Today’s Challenge: So what is today’s challenge? How many layouts can you complete today? Most people take National Scrapbooking day and attend a crop, class or workshop designed specifically for the this special day. Being able to churn layout after layout out, has never been one of my strong points. However, today I am challenging myself to complete as many layouts … Continue reading

How Many Pages Will My Scrapbook Album Hold?

How many pages does a scrapbook album actually hold? This question is asked so frequently. In fact, I see it several times a week on a variety of message boards I frequent, so I thought I would address it and give you the best answer available. The first part of the answer is simple. It has no answer. Except it does so I will explain. It really depends on the name brand of the album, the size of the album and how much three dimensional scrapbooking you do on your individual layouts. Here is more on each situation. Album Brand … Continue reading

More On Preserving Your Christmas Decorations and Turning Them Into Scrapbook Pages

Yesterday I posted some great ideas for preserving your Christmas decorations and today I am sharing a few more. Remembering your holiday traditions is important and can mean a lot to family members in the future. Here are some more things you might wish to photograph each year. Outdoor Decorations Do you have any yard decorations, those big inflatable things? Maybe you do a holiday wreath on your front door or on windows? Do you have lights strung through a tree or bush? Maybe you have a lighted lawn ornament like a Christmas tree or reindeer. Snap photographs of your … Continue reading

Turning Your Christmas Decorations Into Scrapbooking Pages

My Christmas decorations are finally up and complete. I love this time of year with the twinkle of the lights, the wintry windy nights and the delicious smells this season emits. As a scrapbooker, I yearn to preserve this into my scrapbooks, but it seems as if words are never enough. Are you interested in preserving your Christmas decorations for years to come? Here are some suggestions: The Yearly Christmas Tree This is done by many people who don’t even scrapbook, so if you are a scrapbooker, it is definitely a must. Snap a shot of your Christmas tree every … Continue reading

The Coordinated Scrapbook Page

As a die-hard scrapbook supply addict, the kind that must own everything because well, you know you will use it someday, I love a good scrapbook store; the bigger the better. When I enter any scrapbook store, I tend to be drawn directly to the sections with coordinated products. Coordinated scrapbook supplies are in huge demand right now and have opened up the doors for hundreds and thousands of scrapbookers who might not otherwise have attempted scrapbooking. Why? Because when your products are coordinated, you tend to find it easier to scrapbook. This is the reason that page kits are … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: The Perils of Pet Ownership

In honor of our adorable new puppy (yes that is him to the left and below), I thought today’s Monday Layout Challenge should center around our adorable feline and Fido friends. If you have a bird or even a squirrel that you keep as a pet, they count too. Monday Layout Challenge Purpose: My hopes with the Monday Layout Challenges are that you get your pictures out of the boxes or out of your computers memory and onto the pages. It is my hope with these challenges that you will begin to focus more on the storytelling, the special relationships … Continue reading

Portraits and Layouts: Home Studio Portraits

Not all scrapbookers choose to go pay the high prices for expensive studio portraits. So where do they get their portraits? Aside from the yearly school portrait packages that come home, usually they create their own home studios for taking these same types of portraits. Personally, I have not created a home studio to take portraits however I spend such a large amount of time with my camera in my hand that I have learned how to take great portraits of my children. So what do I do with all those prints? With taking your own prints, if you are … Continue reading

Using Song Lyrics on Your Layouts

Having trouble finding the right words? Using some song lyrics on your scrapbook layouts is a great way to convey a feeling or emotion. Sometimes a song’s lyrics say it better than we can on our own. The best part of using lyrics in our journaling and on our pages, is the fact that there are so many different ways to do it. Titles Use the title of a famous song to title your scrapbook page. In some of the examples, I used titles from well-known songs as the title of my layout. You don’t even have to add any … Continue reading